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100 years of slow oil

First in France to mill organic seeds, since 1920.

Slow Oil

“The new presses may give higher yields, but they rotate faster. Ours turn very slowly, with an endless screw, and below 60°C, which means the seeds don’t get so hot, and are less ‘excited’. They have time to give up their oil slowly—and that’s the ideal way to respect the seeds.” -founder of Emile Noël®

“To make good oils, you need good seeds.”

Emile Noël® travels around the globe in search of the best organic seeds particularly grown in quality soil. By finding soil and climates that are favourable to the seed’s growth, they lay the foundation to extracting oils with excellent flavours and nutritional qualities.

Fair Trade

Emile Noël® works hand in hand with organic farmers all across the world through direct and fair trade.

Quality Judged by Oil Connoisseurs

Blind taste tests are conducted every week by a team supervised by Emile Noël’s® judging panel, where they evaluate the organoleptic characteristics of each product to determine its quality and category.

Furthermore, all oils are subjected to an internal monitoring plan created by Emile Noël’s® labs.

Emile Noel 100 year special olive oil 1


A special vintage a fruity olive oil, with aromas of green tomatoes, cut leaves, fresh almonds and a hint of citrus.

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