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    About Us

    Our Story

    Our retail concept goes beyond selling organic and eco-friendly products. Since we first opened our door in 1999, justlife™ has been a platform to inspire the love for nature and respect for life.

    Our passion for quality organic lifestyle led us to our first organic shop in 1999, when the term ‘organic’ was still new to Malaysians. Since then, what remain unchanged are our persistent effort in cultivating awareness for an Earth-friendly lifestyle and promoting authentic quality products under our roofs.

    Today, justlife™ is a name that stands for distinctive quality and inspiring Earth-friendly lifestyle. We thank our loyal customers for their strong support and their belief in us all the way.

    justlife™, founded and managed by Justlife Group Sdn Bhd, is the first approved organic retail franchise by Ministry of Entrepreneur and Co-operative since February 2005. Currently, there are 6 justlife™ outlets operating in Malaysia.


    There are more to our products besides having organic seals on the labels:

    • Our products are selected for their distinctive qualities and values.
    • We believe in products that are produced with respect for the people and environment.
    • We choose to support producers whose products are made with passion and integrity.
    • Our products are made of real ingredients without the use of any synthetic chemicals and genetically engineered ingredients. As genetically modified foods are usually not labeled, buying products with an organic certification is the only sure way to avoid them.
    • We strongly encourage values such as artisan that preserves sustainable traditional production methods, fair trade and animal-cruelty free production.

    Products and brands that display these qualities:

    Farming in harmony with the rhythm of the moon and nature, Sonnentor unfolds the full potency and therapeutic properties of its teas and herbs.


    Down To Earth demonstrated how fair trade is helping to end poverty, changing the lives of thousands of farmers and saving thousands of acres of lands from the pollution of agriculture chemicals.

    NUI’s Certified Fair Trade guarantees fair price for the farm producers, helping them regain control and make improvements to their community.


    The Bites Artisan is the label for our handcrafted products, produced in small batches by dedicated people in small communities to preserve the authenticity and integrity of the products.

    Genetically modified (GM) foods are not labeled. Buying products with an organic certification is the only sure way to avoid GM ingredients.