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Farm Foodies

Food that inspires.

The Story Behind the Artisans

Leaving their white collar jobs in different professional industries, a turn of life events has brought them together as a trio in preparing meals for the kids and teachers at Sasana Waldorf School in Rawang a few years back. Maryanne, her partner, Dorge and her sister, Daphnie has a passion and vision to inspire people to discover the source of food whilst taking care of the Earth and moving towards sustainable living. Farm Foodies use strictly organic ingredients in their products and supports local by working hand in hand with local organic farmers and producers.

Although the trio has been catering for schools and private events, Farm Foodies was only established recently in May 2020 to bring their artisanal foods to more people. Tempeh being their first product, it is unlike any other tempeh you can get on the market.

Organic For The Win

Only organic ingredients are used throughout the whole process, depending on what’s available or in season, different types of organic beans are used in crafting the tempeh.

Slow and Steadily

Due to a longer and slower fermentation period, the tempeh has a more pleasant aroma which could surprise even non tempeh lovers!

Unlike conventional tempeh, Farm Foodies organic artisanal tempeh uses a 2-step fermentation process. Firstly, the organic beans are soaked with eco-enzyme for 48 hours. This is when the protein starts to breakdown, the beans are then steamed instead of boiled until it is cooked. After cooling the beans, ragi (tempeh starter) is added and wrapped in blanched banana leaves and is left to ferment for another 48 hours. The end result is absolutely beautiful, evenly white on the outside and when you slice in you see an array of colouful beans. The whole process takes up to 4 days until a perfect piece of tempeh is ready to be eaten raw or blitz together with fruits and nuts to become a hearty glass of tempeh milk.

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