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Green Acres Penang

An aroma aged over 50 years.

Grown from 50+ Year Old Clove Trees

50+ year-old clove trees bear buds that are packed with a mature aroma and flavour that only comes with age.

6 Decades of Chemical Free

GREEN ACRES PENANG is located on prime clove-growing land in Balik Pulau, where the first clove tree was planted by the British East India Company in 1794. The orchard has remained chemical-free ever since it was farmed more than 60 years ago.

Limited Harvest

Each quality clove bud is hand-picked in a labor-intensive process before being sun-dried, with only 10kg produced annually.

Superior Slow Food

Featured in Slow Food’s Ark of Taste 2014 exhibition in Turin, Italy, with its heirloom cloves having a distinct flowery scent and high essential oil content.

Taste the Difference

Distinctively spicy with a woody aroma, making it excellent for masala tea, briyani rice or curry.

Usage of cloves:

  1. Cloves have antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which is why they were used on British colonial ships to preserve meat during long voyages in an era without refrigeration.
  2. A natural insect repellent. Place a bag of cloves in your car, closets or drawers and watch the insects disappear! Also removes bad odour.
  3. Commonly used in dishes such as curries, braised dishes, Biryani rice and masala teas.

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