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Florame organic floral water, organic beauty treasures

Instant effect on my skin. Amazing!
Anthena Wong

Anthena Wong

Superfood Diet Therapist and Aromatherapist

Skin toning, moisturizing and more?

What makes Florame floral water different:

  • 100% pure with 98% certified organic ingredients
  • Alcohol-free: radish root extract as preservative
  • Gentle, yet therapeutic: ideal for babies & sensitive skin
  • Earth-friendly packaging: made of 100% recycled PET
Bleuet Cornflower 1

Goodbye tired eyes

Cornflower Floral Water

  • Soothes tired eyes.
  • Refreshing and revitalizing, tones delicate and sensitive skin.
helichryse italienne

Everlasting flower

Italicum Helichrysum Floral Water

  • Soothes, protects and tones sensitive skin.
  • Calms red and irritated skin.
  • Soothes swollen legs.
Camomille romaine


Chamomile Floral Water

  • Soothing and balancing.
  • Soothes dry skin & sensitive scalps.
  • Extra shine for hair.

Blossoming Beauty

Orange Blossom Floral Water

  • Refreshing & regenerative.
  • Tones all skin types.
  • Eases relaxation & sleep.
Geranium afrique

Quick fix for troubled skin

Geranium Floral Water

  • Balances oily skin.
  • Soothes the skin & tightens the pores.
  • Calms irritated scalps.
Lavande aspic

Purifying & repairing

Lavender Floral Water

  • Suitable for oily skin with blemishes care.
  • Stimulating & regenerating.
  • Remove excess sebum from oily scalps.
Melisse officinale

A restful sleep

Lemon Balm Floral Water

  • Calming & soothing.
  • Relaxing & promotes a restful sleep.
  • Relieves itches.
tea tree

Antibacterial & purifying

Tea Tree Floral Water

  • Purifying & stimulating properties
  • Acne prone skin on the face, chest and back
  • Toner for the scalp, ideal treatment for oily hair
  • Prevent bad breath

Young again

Rose Floral Water

  • Retains moisture for dry & mature skin
  • Restores radiance & youth to mature skin
  • Emotional balance & well being
Hamamelis WitchHazel

Magic for sensitive skin

Witch Hazel Floral Water

  • Soothing.
  • Reduces redness.
  • Delicately removes excess sebum.

Hair therapy

Rosemary floral water

  • Ideal hair treatment for oily hair.
  • Revitalizes the scalp.
  • Revitalizing & stimulating properties, especially for tired skin.
  • Tones, regenerates & purifies combination to oily skin.

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