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    Enjoy one stop organic and Earth-friendly shopping, and earn point rewards at your finger tips. Founded in 1999, justlife® is a name that stands for one-stop organic and Earth-friendly specialty retail for distinctive quality and inspiring organic lifestyle. We have over 1000 organic products which includes pioneer brands from Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and more.

    We welcome you to be part of justlife family—JUSTLIFE KAKIS. On top of the usual member discounts, you can now enjoy point rewards, promotion updates and other perks on this app. Let’s start to reward yourself with the joy of feeling organic, with us.


    Step 1: SHOP
    Shop with us and register to join JUSTLIFE KAKIS.

    Step 2: SIGN IN
    Simply download the app and register your details. If you are new to JUSTLIFE KAKIS, click register here.

    Step 3: GET REWARDS
    Earn points on top of regular cardholder discounts and enjoy birthday rewards.


    • JUSTLIFE KAKIS discount in our retail shops, 5% off fruits and vegetables, 10% off storewide products, excluding nett priced items.
    • Point rewards on top of regular discounts. Collect points and redeem e-vouchers or selected in store products.
    • 15% off in a single transaction during your birthday month.
    • Seasonal promotions exclusively for JUSTLIFE KAKIS.
    • Special rates on workshops and activities.


    1. What products can I earn points on?
    You can earn points on any products purchased at Justlife®, points are rewarded automatically on the total amount of the receipt.
    For online purchases, points will be given after the order has been successfully completed and dispatched, which will take around 3-5 working days.

    2. What other privileges do I have apart from point rewards?
    JUSTLIFE KAKIS are entitled for a 5% off fresh fruits and vegetables, 10% off storewide products excluding nett priced items.

    Nett priced items: Baby products such as infant formula, beauty products, local products and some utensils and hardwares. 

    3. What birthday rewards can I enjoy?
    JUSTLIFE KAKIS can enjoy birthday rewards of 15% off storewide excluding nett priced items in a single receipt for one time redemption within the birthday month.

    4. I don’t use smart phone, can I still join JUSTLIFE KAKIS rewards program?
    Yes you can, you may still enjoy JUSTLIFE KAKIS benefits such as discounts, points and seasonal promotions. However, only through the app, you will be able to check your points status and redeem rewards.

    5. How long will it take for the points to show up in JUSTLIFE KAKIS app?
    Almost in no time! You will receive the points once payment is made and receive a push notification to inform you regarding the points top up. If you are facing issues on points top up, kindly look for our customer service.

    6. I don’t see my last purchase points top up in the app, what do I do?
    Contact our support team at 03-78902727. We will sort it out as soon as possible.

    7. Do I need to show the app everytime I make a purchase?
    No you don’t need to, simply provide us your phone number will do.

    8. How do I renew my card?
    You may renew your card at the cashier the next time you visit us in store or renew your card in the app.

    9. What can I redeem my rewards for?
    We like to keep it exciting by switching up the rewards with more surprises from time to time. Refer to the rewards menu in the app for what’s up right now!

    10. I used to be a Justlfife® cardholder. What happened to the previous points that I earned?
    JUSTLIFE KAKIS is a new program and before this, Justlife® did not give out points to cardholders and was solely on a discount basis. Enjoy more benefits with JUSTLIFE KAKIS starting today!

    11.How are the points rewarded?
    Points are rewarded based on different tiers of Justlife® card:
    • For Silver card, 1 point is rewarded for every RM12 spent.
    • For Gold card, 1 point is rewarded for every RM10 spent.
    • For Platinum card, 1 point is rewarded for every RM8 spent.

    12. Can I redeem my points and rewards online?
    Temporarily, rewards redemption can only be done in store. However, if you are purchasing with us via phone call or Whatsapp order, kindly screenshot the redemption voucher code and we will be able to process it. For online orders, kindly contact our online team at 012-3062491.

    13. Will my points expire?
    Yes, all points collected will expire in 3 years upon the transaction.

    14. Can I still shop on the online shop and enjoy JUSTLIFE KAKIS benefits such as discounts and point rewards?
    Yes, you may! To register or log into our online shop and enjoy JUSTLIFE KAKIS benefits, kindly visit this step by step FAQ page.
    Please note that points and transaction will only show in the app after the order has been successfully completed and dispatched, which may take around 3-5 working days.

    15. Can I update or change my personal details in the app?
    Once you have registered your personal details, you will only be able to change the name, email address and gender. You will not be allowed to change mobile number and birth date in the app. Should you have changed your phone number, kindly contact Justlife® team and we will make necessary adjustments within 3-5 working days.

    16. My app won’t move, seems like a glitch. What can I do?
    Make sure that the software in your device is updated to the latest version. If the problem still arises after updating the software, logging out and logging in again. We would love to help if you are still struggling, give us a call at 03-78902727.


    1. Applications are open to all aged 16 years and above.

    2. JUSTLIFE KAKIS is not a credit card or charge card.

    3. JUSTLIFE KAKIS expires on the anniversary date of joining.

    4. No physical card will be issued, no supplementary card or replacement cards will be given.

    5. JUSTLIFE KAKIS cardholders simply need to inform the cashier their phone number before any transaction to enjoy the privileges. Phone number given after the transaction will not be accepted for cardholder privileges and rewards.

    6. All correspondence and promotional information will be forwarded to the cardholder. Should the cardholder wish to opt out on promotional information, the cardholder can do so by either unsubscribing to us in the TADA wallet app or simply contacting our people to help with this.

    7. A cardholder fees of RM20 will be charged upon registration and for yearly renewal.

    8. JUSTLIFE KAKIS ownership is not transferable and is for exclusive use of the cardholder.

    9. JUSTLIFE GROUP SDN BHD reserves the right to suspend or terminate the program at anytime it deems necessary.

    10. JUSTLIFE GROUP SDN BHD reserves the right to omit, and or amend the JUSTLIFE KAKIS benefits, terms and conditions. No prior notice is required.



    Already a JUSTLIFE KAKIS and know someone that would like to be one too?

    Refer a friend through our app and get 50 points rewards when your friend signs up as  JUSTLIFE KAKIS!