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Almond Milk Specialist

Since 1989, La Mandorle has been France’s #1 organic almond milk producer, with over 30 years of experience in researching and developing plant-based and dairy-free milk products.

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The Best Almonds in the World

La Mandorle’s almonds are an ancient variety grown in Sicily within a preserved ecosystem with pristine soil .

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Honestly, It’s All Almonds.

La Mandorle’s almond milk products contain mostly almonds!

Did you know? It takes more than 500g of almonds just to produce a one 400g tin of almond powder.


All-in Nutrition

Using E.U.-patented Soft Co-extrusion technology, La Mandorle is able to preserve the almonds’ heat-sensitive vitamins and essential fatty acids using controlled temperatures.

Their cold-pressing methods also extract more protein from each almond while keeping the oils low.

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Transparent and Traceable

La Mandorle is dedicated transparency when it comes to making almonds: from the fertilizer used, the formula, the packaging and more.

Besides showing confidence in their quality assurance processes, this is also an unwavering commitment to their customers.

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