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    MahaWorks Honey

    In 2015, when the earthquake hit Nepal it destroyed the homes of many Nepalese. Thousands were killed and missing during the disaster and left hundreds of thousands homeless. Nepal received international aid from people all over the world- food, water, medical aid, volunteers to rebuild their homes. However, Alvin, the founder of Mahaworks honey knew that the only way to help the locals sustainably was through sustainable local livelihood.

    How did Alvin came across honey?

    One day Alvin was sitting in the Chepang village with an overview of the mountains infront of him, he was served some pancakes with honey prepared by the local villagers. The honey was fragrant and filled with the aromas of flowers, that’s when an idea bloomed in Alvin’s head- beekeeping. 80% of Nepal is covered by the Himalayas and due to mountainous terrain, transport is challenging and hence forth development is minimal. Most of the villagers nests on high altitude, and so does the honey. Alvin started teaching the locals beekeeping, in hopes that through beekeeping, the locals can support themselves financially and improve their living standards, also so that they do not need to travel overseas and work as foreign labours, keeping the family together.

    Chiuri, the flower that blossoms during winter.

    In central south Nepal, the Chiuri flowers blossom beautifully during winter. Collected by the bees, the honey is bottled into Maha Chepang Winter Flower. Winter X is the honey collected at extremely cold temperatures in winter. This is when the honey starts to crystallize, and you will see semi-solid honey crystals in the Maha Chepang Winter X.

    In spring, the Rudilo (Pathchouli Mint) flowers are literally dripping and overflowing with nectar. It is so much in abundance that the local kids climbs up the trees, taps the flowers onto the leaves and lick the leaves for the honey. When you open a bottle of Maha Chepang Spring Flowers, the scent transports you to the trees and where the flowers are grown, in Nepal. The locals use the spring flowers honey as an aid to coughs and throat irritations after the cold and dry winter.

    Maha, which means the great and also honey in Nepal, is a honey with altitude. It is harvested at 1200m-1400m, giving it its high potency. The honey is pure, unprocessed only filtered and bottled. It is tested for its qualities from harvesting till bottling to ensure that the pollens, enzyme, vitamins and minerals are preserved during the whole process and also moisture levels are kept to a minimum. Only honey that meets the standards are bottled and marketed. Most importantly it is a honey that impacts lives. Maha Works honey is currently sustaining 7 families in Nepal, permitting them the possibility of a better quality of life and education.

    By purchasing Maha Works honey you are directly supporting the beekeepers in Nepal, supporting their livelihood and a second chance at life.