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Brain having burnout?
Sick of staring at screens?

Boost your eye and brain power during this MCO today!

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Natural blue-light filter

nf image goji

Goji berries contain zeaxanthin, which acts as a natural filter for the eyes against damaging blue light from digital screens.

A must for heavy smartphone and computer users.

Keeping an eye for you

goji berry

Excellent for those with dry eyes or who spend long hours in air-conditioned rooms.

Helps fight against glaucoma, cataract and other eye disorders as well.

Builds resistance to disease

ginkgo leaf

Ginkgo helps fight against cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases along with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and depression.

Also boosts brain functions by enhancing memory and improving concentration.

Ancient healing plant

nf longevity ancient healing plant

The Ginkgo tree (Ginkgo Biloba) has survived on Earth for over 270 million years, making it one of the oldest tree species on Earth and a living fossil.

Ginkgo and Goji

Replenishing the eyes and brain

naturvital florian goji berry transparent
Shield your eyes
naturvital florian ginkgo transparent
Mind your brain power
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Pioneer for over 80 years
(Est. 1934)
Origin: Austria

Over 80 Years of Herbal Medicine: A pioneer of the herbal medicine industry in Europe

Remedies from Ancient Wisdom: Inspired by therapeutic practices honed for thousands of years

Over 80 Varieties of Herbs: A variety of herbs and spices rich in synergistic bioactive healing substances.

Fruits at their Fullest:  juices and purees are extracted from only when the fruits are fully matured and nutrient-rich.

Remedies Inspired from Ancient Wisdom

Naturvital Florian ancient remedies

For over 85 years, Naturvital Florian has formulated plant remedies inspired by time proven recipes and the wisdom of traditional herbal remedies such as Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine.

Over 80 Varieties of Herbs

meadow herbs

We use over 80 different organic herbs and spices, all rich in beneficial bioactive substances such as bitter constituents, tannins, antioxidants and essential oils.

Never Alone

Naturvital Florian Longevity Set with ingredients

Goji berry with carrots, ginkgo biloba with pomegranate.

We believe in synergistic effect from diverse compounds in herbs, rather than a single extract. We are proud to offer products with an assurance that no extract or single substance is used.

Spring Water from the Alps

naturvital florian waterfall 2

Although our herbal concentrates use only organic juice and absolutely no added water, water is still used for refining and infusing the raw herbs.

This water is taken from clear mountain spring water in the Alps, which is rich in trace elements while being free of impurities.

Fruits at their Fullest

NF ripe apricot

Fruits chosen are not merely for their taste, but their healing properties too. We use various berries, apricots and red grapes, which are superfruits with highest antioxidant content.

Juices and purees are obtained directly from fruits at their highest point of maturation, which contain the richest amount of bioactive substances.

Trees with Healing Essential Oil

blue river

Fir tree leaves provide valuable essential oil that is used in our anti-cough elixir.

The fir trees that we harvest from grow on the remote hill along the beautiful Blue Danube River.


naturvital florian range bottle

Naturally Liquid

…because liquid substances are absorbed faster and easier by the body than solid matter such as capsules or powder.

Naturally Complete

…because we process whole foods, plants or fruits, better–they contain more diverse active ingredients compared to processed extracts or single substances. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Naturally Without

  • No water added. We use only direct pressed organic juices and purees, the best liquid for wellness.
  • No sugar added. Nor any artificial sweeteners. Only natural sweetness from fruits, barley malt and honey to soothe your throat.
  • No preservatives. Naturally preserved by gentle pasteurisation (short time heating process) to preserve the potency and valuable properties in herbs and fruits.
  • No alcohol
  • No colourants or aromas
  • No artificial additives
  • No thickeners
  • Lactose-free
  • Suitable for vegetarian
NF product range

Certified Organic

100% organic and certified by legislation of the European Union EU-VO 834/07.

Organic quality is consistently controlled from cultivation to filling by Austria Bio-Garantie AT-BIO-301.

Austria’s organic certification criteria are even more stringent than the legal EU-standard!

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EU certification logo
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Conventional cultivation area in the size of a football field is equivalent to CO2 emission of a car ride of about 350,000 km.

Organic agriculture helps make a difference. We attach great importance to regionality and seasonality. Austrian suppliers are our first choice!

Socially Responsible

A great part of our products are prepared by the Austrian aid organisation for disabled people!

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