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  • Follow Your Gut Feeling.

    Why Not?® certified organic Friendly Flora Blend is a fermented superfood made out of 18 fermented certified organic/biodynamic wholefoods and 14 types of food-base microbiome super-cultures — an all-rounder blend for daily gut support, diverse nutrition and enhanced nutrient absorption.

  • Follow your Gut feeling…

    Why Not?® Friendly Flora Blend (For Women) is a fermented superfood, made of 19 certified organic/biodynamic wholefoods and 14 types of food-base microbiome super-cultures.

    On top of providing gut support, supplying diverse nutrients and boosting nutrient absorption, it is formulated to meet the needs of women of all ages specifically on hormonal balance.

  • Cradle Cap Cleansing Lotion is to be used instead of a shampoo if your baby shows signs of this very common condition. Naturally formulated with soothing Aloe Vera, hydrating Fructan and anti-oxidant rich Olive Leaf extract , this natural combination deeply cleanses and yet is extremely gentle for babies.

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  • Plastic free wipes for daily use on delicate baby skin

    Natracare’s organic and natural principles provide comfortable, reliable products that you can select to use each day as part of your personal freshness programme.

  • Plastic free face wipes for removing makeup

    Naturally and gently removes makeup and waterproof mascara.

  • Anatomically shaped liners to fit the curves of your body

    This organic cotton panty liner is soft, totally breathable and perfectly shaped for extraordinary comfort.

  • Pads to absorb natural blood loss after giving birth

    Extra long, extra soft and breathable. This maternity pad gives you total comfort and security in the day after giving birth.

  • Comfortable, extra long and thick for extra protection when you asleep. Suitable for heavy flow.

  • Thick long sanitary pads without wings, made with organic and natural materials

    Natural and absorbent for low to medium flow.

  • Thick long sanitary pads without wings, made with organic and natural materials

    Natural and absorbent pads for medium or heavy menstrual flow.

  • Natural and absorbent pads for light urinary incontinence

    Natracare Dry & Light pads are the first of their kind. They are absorbent and comfortable, without the usual plastics and perfumes that you find in most incontinence products.

  • Organic cotton for your delicate bits

    The average liner is made with plastic, dyes, and even perfume – nothing your intimate skin needs.

    Natracare cotton panty liners are made with only organic and natural materials. Designed to be breathable, soft on the skin, and compostable. Choose a liner for your needs and underwear style.

    Natural Long Panty Liners with a little extra length, individually wrapped.

  • Soft breastfeeding pads to absorb nipple leaks

    This nursing pad made from all natural materials is soft and perfectly shaped for your total comfort.

  • Organic cotton ultra thin panty liners for a slim fit

  • 100% certified organic tampons with cardboard applicator

    An award winning tampon specially designed to take care of your delicate area yet makes you feel comfortable and secured. It is made from certified organic cotton and comes with a smooth, easily glide unbleached cardboard applicator. Absorbent cotton tampons made for light or medium menstrual flow days.


Showing 1–16 of 22 results