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  • No doubt Raspberries are tasty and juicy. But apart from the enthusiasm about this wonderful fruit, one should not forget the leaves of the plant because they truly deserve attention. The dried Raspberry leaves when infused in boiling water produces tea in yellow color with slightly spicy-sweet taste.

  • For children or even adults, Dandelion flower is countless times always being blown to his friends in the face. But gradually, the herb is being rediscovered. Relevance that rediscovered includes the role as magical herbs, the role as woman’s best friend or even for relaxation or eases stress!

  • The Rooibos red tea tastes sweet and fruity which will not drag on long bitterness. The tea is unbeatable when sweetened with a little cream or honey and even tastier when spiced with cinnamon or vanilla. With a mixture of cold Rooibos tea, grape juice, apple juice, apples and grapes can conjure up an irresistable snack for kids.

  • Sonnentor Chamomile tea is freshly brewed from high-quality German Chamomile flowers which tastes spicy-aromatic. The yellow tea tastes great if it is sweetened with honey and lemon.

  • Earthist™ Bitter Melon Tea has rich, mellow aftertaste. Harvested from the wild and remote mountain areas and hand crafted using a traditional tea frying method that reduces the bitterness and the cooling properties of bitter melon, this tea is suitable even for the children, elderly and those with weak digestion.

  • Contains 7 types of herbal tea blend in a box.

  • The Stinging nettle is a plant that grows on nutrient-rich soil preferably close to the people, to fences and in gardens. It is up to one meter high with stinging hairs on leaves or stems and the tips break off when touched. The nettle is often associated with itching and burning rashes when touched and dismissed many times as weeds which should be better avoided.

  • Limited harvest, organically grown on unpolluted Bario Highlands.

    #Authentic Bario origin
    #Organically grown
    #Buffalo plowed rice field
    #Hand sowed & transplanted
    #Hand harvested
    #Rice threshing by hand
    #Packed in unbleached cotton bag. Plastic-free packaging
    #Earthist Initiative to support rice farmers community
    #Restore Bario rice’s unique original flavor
    #With your support, we will persist!


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  • Moringa tree is hailed as the “miracle tree”, originated from the southern part of the Himalayas. It is the most ancient medicinal plant known to humankind. Earthist™ Moringa tea is harvested from the wild and remote mountain areas where its forest remains uncontaminated.

  • A blend of aromatic Indian spice with mixture of cumin which fits very well into all indian dishes. Curry, lentils, chickpeas, vegetables and rice dishes taste delicious and spicy with Garam Masala.

  • This subtle, colorful herb mix is seasoned with untreated sea salt. The 12-herb salt is very versatile – soups, salads, sauces, stews, roasts and much more can be refined with it.

  • The sweet smell and taste of Rose flower is a real experience for the senses,gentle yet sensuous. It looks pretty when rose flower is served in a delicate white cup especially if you put some rose petals to it. An herbal blend with rose petals excited eyes and palate. Moreover, the flowers harmonize very well with lemon verbena or hemp leaves.

  • Sonnentor Small-Flowered Willow Herb tastes flowery and slightly bitter. In Waldviertel, there are a total of over 70 different varieties, but the small-flowered willow herb is in great reputation, which is cultivated by our farmers field-biologically. Thus, the small-flowered willow herb has a lot of hair (also known as wool) and the seeds are spread by wind.

  • Stay calm and maintain your serenity.

  • BBQ fan?

    Then you are really well advised with Frankie. The spice lights up in a wonderful terracotta red and convinces with a particularly spicy taste. The creation of paprika, garlic and Mediterranean herbs is rounded off by a fruity sharpness and is incredibly versatile. It goes well with vegetables. The food becomes especially tender when it is placed in a marinade of olive oil and Frankie’s barbecue spice. Ran to the rust!


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