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  • A healthier sugar alternative that is made from organic agave plant- a giant spikey plants with a pineapple-like sweet bulb. This low GI sweetener allows you to enjoy a little sweetness without raising your blood sugar rapidly while blends well with any dishes and beverages.

  • 100% vegetarian spread is made from mushrooms and exotic spices which is so delicious that surpasses your imagination.

  • A delicious cream of hazelnuts and cocoa spread. Ideal for snacks and lunch in the small undulant in a slice of bread , cookies or for desserts. Retains all the natural-sweet of cocoa, and is a product ecological, without lactose, without soy, without egg, without protein dairy and low in salt.

    Snack will be the favorite moment of the family with ! The little ones in the house will love it, and the not-so-little ones too.

  • A velvety and rich texture chocolate drink made of organic oat and quality cacao powder, enriched with calcium from sea algae. This delicious choco drink is dairy free and soy free. What a healthy and calcium boosting alternative for all the chocoholics!

  • A concentrated organic vegetable stock cubes ready to make a delicious hot broth in a few minutes. Enriched foods. Made with the best organic vegetables, according to traditional recipe and without the use of yeast or soy


  • This tasty and smooth soya drink is excellent as your daily source of calcium from marine algae.

  • Pure organic soy milk without added sweetener or flavouring. Good replacement for milk because it is rich in protein but contains less calories than milk.


Showing all 7 results