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  • A blend of aromatic Indian spice with mixture of cumin which fits very well into all indian dishes. Curry, lentils, chickpeas, vegetables and rice dishes taste delicious and spicy with Garam Masala.

  • It is also not surprising that the cool mint is popular especially in hot countries like Malaysia. To prepare a fine yet very refreshing tea, Peppermint leaves are covered with boiling water. The tea tastes sweet, spicy and has a cooling effect on the finish. You will definately enjoy the purest mint tea which doubles up the harmony when slightly sweetened with honey.

  • Eat too much or too fast? Soothe your tummy now!

  • One of the most popular fruit teas from Sonnentor! Deep red color and the vanilla add a harmonious mild sweet flavor.

  • The Darjeeling region lies on the southern slopes of the Himalaya. Characteristic of the fine Darjeeling black tea is its very flowery, sweet, aromatic and delicate flavor.

  • With Sonnentor Cheery Fruit Tea, we intent to put a smile on your face! This wonderfully aromatic fruit tea with rosehips, Rooibos, fennel, pieces of pear, quince pieces and a touch of vanilla is highly digestible.

  • This flower blend convinced solely by their colors which is full of inspiration! The finely-tuned blend of powerful herbs and delicate blossoms have a delicate, sweet flavor. With chamomile, apple mint and marigold, this tea uplifts one’s mood throughout the day.

  • This wholesome blend with the strong-herbal tastes spicy and aromatic is perfect for natural treatments which helps to get rid of excessive water and toxins from your body. The magical blend is based on advice of Saint Hildegard which has not lost its relevance over the centuries.

  • Cinnamon is the dried inner bark of the cinnamon tree. This wonderful spice is used in cookies, gingerbread and stollen particularly refined for the joy of Christmas. The spice also harmonizes well with all kinds of dried fruit.

  • Every chef in the culinary world finds it difficult to cook without ginger. Its warm aroma is refreshing with woody notes and lemony overtones heard in countless dishes from the cuisines of Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. Over these years, it becomes the world’s favorite flavor on everyone’s palate.

  • With Sonnentor organic Wild Thyme, the earthy-peppery taste has hints of anise, mint and camphor and particularly suitable for Mediterranean or Asian dishes. Thyme blends well with onion, wine and beer. With olive oil, white wine and lots of thyme braised leeks in the oven is very tasty and goes well with almost anything.

  • Sencha green tea is one of the most consumed tea universally. Because of its particularly airy and light taste, it is a true joy for all tea lovers. Green tea and black tea are made from the tea plant, “Camelia Sinensis” but green tea is not fermented unlike black tea.

  • Rosehip tea charms with by a delicate, sweet-sour note and pink cup color. Cold water is needed to make intense, fruity and aromatic flavor in the cup. Only in this way they open up and give their delicious flavors generously. Sonnentor of course does not use any artificial colorings and flavorings for it!

  • A concentrated organic vegetable stock cubes ready to make a delicious hot broth in a few minutes. Enriched foods. Made with the best organic vegetables, according to traditional recipe and without the use of yeast or soy


  • Traditionally Crafted since 1957

    Handcrafted by the 3rd generation of artisan craftsmanship. Earthist first draw soy sauce is brewed in clay urns under the sun for at least 6 months before harvesting. First draw soy sauce is produced using the first extraction from the brewing urns. It is premium for it’s deep, rich and natural aged umami taste. Produced in small amounts with the finest qualities.

  • Sunria works hand-in-hand with the local community living in coastal areas to produce the finest sea salt. We help low-income families by empowering them with skills to handcraft sea salt and introducing fair trade practices. Instead of relying on subsistence fishing, they are now able to earn sustainable income and help to conserve a clean beach environment, and humanity.


Showing 33–48 of 85 results