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  • Cumin is the most typical spice of Indian cuisine. As a constituent of many spice blends including probably the most popular blend Garam Masala. For the preparation of tandoori dishes and legumes, it is just as essential.

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  • Sonnentor curry hot dominates most of the countless yellow curry blends worldwide. Curry has its origins in India and reflects the incredible diversity of tastes in this country. Yet, curry is further intensified by the sharp portions of fiery hot peppers and ginger.The distinctive spicy sharpness of this spice can be used for a variety of stews including Chinese dishes.

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  • This tea is grown organically at the tea farm located at high pleateaus of Sri Lanka. Hand harvested and naturally fermented to produce a full bodied, smooth, balanced black tea with evoking pepper and earthy notes.

  • Hearty gift for your heart.

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  • It is not surprising that cool mint is popular especially in hot countries like Malaysia. To prepare a fine yet very refreshing tea, Peppermint leaves are covered with boiling water. The tea tastes sweet, spicy and has a cooling effect on the finish. You will definitely enjoy the purest mint tea and when slightly sweetened with honey, the harmony is doubled.

  • White Tea, Pai Mu Tan is considered the most exclusive tea in the world. All 30,000 of handpicked and unopened buds are needed for just one kilogram thus also justifies higher margins. It is described as white because after dying, the delicate hairs of the leaf appears silvery white.

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  • Flowerpower floral spice is suitable for all sweet things- whether warm or cold, the colorful flowers are fascinating. The mixture of bio-based sugar beet contains cornflowers, cinnamon and vanilla and is designed for hot and cold desserts. With the aroma of flower power, you can once again go on tour, a journey of colorful hippie taste.

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  • Some love it, others never make friends with it because of its taste-the coriander. But before you become a fan or not, you should absolutely try their seeds (fruits) and the leaves, as they unfold on the palate is completely different. The seeds, however is a spicy-woody aroma with a sweet and peppery note which fits well into gingerbread or apple sauce, as in Indian curries. The use of leaves and seeds can also be easily combined.

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  • To Sonnentor white pepper, produce the black ripe fruits are harvested and thereafter soaked approximately one week in water. The white pepper therefore contains the entire pungency of black pepper but less aromatic.

  • The pizza and pasta seasoning scent with a hint of spice is reminiscent of fine Italian herbs. As the name implies, the refinement of Italian culinary classics.

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  • The dried, unpeeled grains of Sonnentor pepper seeds have a delicate, fruity aroma and an intense, sharp yet penetrating flavor. The fruits are harvested just before full ripeness and dried under sunlight. Black pepper powder is versatile with completely crushed or freshly ground.

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  • Marjoram and oregano are from the mint family, which is why they look amazingly similar. However, In the motto of kitchen is : Either one or the other. Marjoram has a much milder, more subtle flavor than oregano, peppery taste, compared to less sweet and delicate of his brother.

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  • The typical Waldviertler sure remember the smell of spice of rural life,memories of baking bread with Grandma. The caraway tastes slightly sweet but pleasantly spicy and refreshing in aftertaste.

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  • Caraway is the “bread spice” cumin of the German speaking countries. However, in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, the usage of caraway is already more versatile with its sharp and bitter flavor.

  • Gunpowder originally from China has an herb-rich flavors and a delicate floral note. This tea has a yellow-greenish color and its aroma is able to calm our mind and body. Black and green tea, incidentally come from the same tea plant, Camelia sinensis. For the production,green tea leaves are steamed in pans or roasted but not fermented like black tea. Therefore, these two kinds of tea taste totally different.

  • Mate tea is a refreshing beverage. It brings back momentum although it is slightly bitter in taste.

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