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  • No doubt Raspberries are tasty and juicy. But apart from the enthusiasm about this wonderful fruit, one should not forget the leaves of the plant because they truly deserve attention. The dried Raspberry leaves when infused in boiling water produces tea in yellow color with slightly spicy-sweet taste.

  • The Rooibos red tea tastes sweet and fruity which will not drag on long bitterness. The tea is unbeatable when sweetened with a little cream or honey and even tastier when spiced with cinnamon or vanilla. With a mixture of cold Rooibos tea, grape juice, apple juice, apples and grapes can conjure up an irresistable snack for kids.

  • The sweet smell and taste of Rose flower is a real experience for the senses,gentle yet sensuous. It looks pretty when rose flower is served in a delicate white cup especially if you put some rose petals to it. An herbal blend with rose petals excited eyes and palate. Moreover, the flowers harmonize very well with lemon verbena or hemp leaves.

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  • Rosehip tea charms with by a delicate, sweet-sour note and pink cup color. Cold water is needed to make intense, fruity and aromatic flavor in the cup. Only in this way they open up and give their delicious flavors generously. Sonnentor of course does not use any artificial colorings and flavorings for it!

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  • With rosemary, once one has the peppery-resinous and sharp scent in the nose, the thoughts start to the holiday trip to the Mediterranean is often faster than what one is loved.The green, needle-like leaves refine Italian vegetable and tomato dishes during preparation. it is advisable not to serve it with olive oil.

  • Sonnentor Sage originally derived from the Mediterranean is now almost universally cultivated. The word sage comes from the Latin “salvare from”, which stands for “to heal, preserve, save.”

  • The secret from the sunlight spice up your daily life. An exotic blend from more than 10 types of herbs and spices, give a real kick to your dishes.

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  • Sonnentor Small-Flowered Willow Herb tastes flowery and slightly bitter. In Waldviertel, there are a total of over 70 different varieties, but the small-flowered willow herb is in great reputation, which is cultivated by our farmers field-biologically. Thus, the small-flowered willow herb has a lot of hair (also known as wool) and the seeds are spread by wind.

  • Comfort your itchy throat.

  • The Stinging nettle is a plant that grows on nutrient-rich soil preferably close to the people, to fences and in gardens. It is up to one meter high with stinging hairs on leaves or stems and the tips break off when touched. The nettle is often associated with itching and burning rashes when touched and dismissed many times as weeds which should be better avoided.

  • Enjoy your brand new day after a good night sleep!

  • The name Yarrow comes from Greek mythology. At the siege of Troy, Achilles met the beautiful Paris with a poisoned arrow, whereupon he was fatally wounded in the heel and then treated by the goddess Aphrodite with Yarrow. Yarrow should be tried not only because of its history but also for their aromatic and slightly bitter taste.


Showing 97–108 of 108 results