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  • Cinnamon is a small evergreen tree which has the earthy-woody flavour fits into rice pudding, stewed fruits and cakes. The spice harmonizes well with all kinds of dried fruit. Highly recommended is a sweet couscous dish with dried fruit, apple slices, cinnamon and lemon juice.

  • Cinnamon is the dried inner bark of the cinnamon tree. This wonderful spice is used in cookies, gingerbread and stollen particularly refined for the joy of Christmas. The spice also harmonizes well with all kinds of dried fruit.

  • Cloves is the spice of stewed fruit, mulled wine and much more. But there are many delicious creations with carnations, which are less known to us. Moreover, they are an important part of the five-spice powder and the main ingredients in aromatic Indian spice mix garam masala. Anyone who has tried it,for sure no longer has to be convinced.

  • Some love it, others never make friends with it because of its taste-the coriander. But before you become a fan or not, you should absolutely try their seeds (fruits) and the leaves, as they unfold on the palate is completely different. The seeds, however is a spicy-woody aroma with a sweet and peppery note which fits well into gingerbread or apple sauce, as in Indian curries. The use of leaves and seeds can also be easily combined.

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  • Sonnentor curry hot dominates most of the countless yellow curry blends worldwide. Curry has its origins in India and reflects the incredible diversity of tastes in this country. Yet, curry is further intensified by the sharp portions of fiery hot peppers and ginger.The distinctive spicy sharpness of this spice can be used for a variety of stews including Chinese dishes.

  • For children or even adults, Dandelion flower is countless times always being blown to his friends in the face. But gradually, the herb is being rediscovered. Relevance that rediscovered includes the role as magical herbs, the role as woman’s best friend or even for relaxation or eases stress!

  • The Darjeeling region lies on the southern slopes of the Himalaya. Characteristic of the fine Darjeeling black tea is its very flowery, sweet, aromatic and delicate flavor.

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  • What could be more English than black tea? In England, the legend says that an earl named Charles Grey has brought this tea recipes from China. Immediately it became the malty yet elegant drink and the darling of high society which remained so until today especially in the afternoon by five clock. Black tea has a great tradition when a fine organic bergamot (citrus fruit) is added to the mild black tea. It creates a fine, fruity yet invigorating touch.

  • Black tea is a variety of tea that is more oxidized than the oolong, green, and white varieties. All four varieties are made from leaves of Camellia sinensis. Black tea is generally stronger in flavor and contains more caffeine than the less oxidized teas.

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  • Drink a cup of tea to forget the noise of the world.” Enjoy a cup of black tea and take a break between your busy schedule. Promote blood flow in the brain and sharpen your mental focus.

  • Fenugreek is “The Curry-energy” especially for Indians,and therefore fenugreek is so popular in the kitchen. The bitter flavor of fenugreek seeds is reminiscent of celery, lovage and Indian spices in curry mix which is served together with chappatis and naan (Indian breads).

  • Flowerpower floral spice is suitable for all sweet things- whether warm or cold, the colorful flowers are fascinating. The mixture of bio-based sugar beet contains cornflowers, cinnamon and vanilla and is designed for hot and cold desserts. With the aroma of flower power, you can once again go on tour, a journey of colorful hippie taste.

  • BBQ fan?

    Then you are really well advised with Frankie. The spice lights up in a wonderful terracotta red and convinces with a particularly spicy taste. The creation of paprika, garlic and Mediterranean herbs is rounded off by a fruity sharpness and is incredibly versatile. It goes well with vegetables. The food becomes especially tender when it is placed in a marinade of olive oil and Frankie’s barbecue spice. Ran to the rust!

  • One of the most popular fruit teas from Sonnentor! Deep red color and the vanilla add a harmonious mild sweet flavor.

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  • A blend of aromatic Indian spice with mixture of cumin which fits very well into all indian dishes. Curry, lentils, chickpeas, vegetables and rice dishes taste delicious and spicy with Garam Masala.

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  • The intense yet sharp flavour of garlic changes when boiled or fried. Thus, boiled or fried garlic will be sweeter in taste and much milder than the raw version. Whether boiled, fried or raw, garlic fits almost everything.


Showing 545–560 of 682 results