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  • Stress relieve: Let us keep our “cool” and relax….


  • Emile Noel Organic Sunflower Oil contains about 33.95% monounsaturated fatty acids, 55.30% polyunsaturated fatty acid, 10.75% saturated fatty acid and high in vitamin E. It is produced using cold-pressed method without application of heat, solvent or any other chemicals in the extraction process. This method retains the quality of the oil in terms of its nutritional value.

  • This oil combination is specially catered to help skin firming, hydrating and reduce excessive oil secretion of the skin. Making you feel young again!

  • This first cold pressed oil from certified organic and certified Fair Trade hazelnuts not only contains essential fatty acids, but also antioxidants that can help protect our brain and skin from the damage of free radicals and ageing. It can also improve the hydration and oil control of our skin.

  • In this book, Matthias shares his experiences and insights on how we can gradually move towards eco-friendly choices through our personal life, family, home, office and community. You will find inspiration and useful tips on transitioning to a greener life. Then, readers could expect to find practical advice and strategies to green their workplace and business – an area of our life where we can make a HUGE difference.

  • Caesarean section rate is rising throughout the world which many of it is done unnecessary. Caesarean birth has potentially risky outcomes for both the mother and baby. Learn more about the complications of caesarean section, comparison between natural birth and caesarean section and useful tips such as how to cope with labour pain.

  • Everyday we exposed to numerous of disease-causing bacteria and viruses in the air or food we consumed. Without our immune system, it is impossible we can survive until today. To find out more how immune system works as our body best healer and what you should practice to protect and strengthen your immune system, this booklet will guide you along.

  • Salt is tasty and deadly. It is a hidden killer in your food. Although salt has been used in food for more than 5000 years. But food manufacturer nowadays hava added excessive amount of salt into food for taste appeal, reduce cost and gain more profits. Read this booklet to find out how much salt is hidden in some common foods we consume daily and how does it slowly damages our health.

  • A research conducted on school children in Singapore showed that 1 in 3 children found that life not worth living due to fear of academic failure. How the school machinery works? Are school teaching things that really matter and help to nurture a confidence and loving society? And what do some successful people say about school? There are more interesting topics addressed in this booklet.

  • Today, one-fifth of Malaysia’s population walk, drive, eat and work with mobile phone pressed to their ear. Besides China and Japan, Malaysia is currently one of the fastest growing mobile phone market in Asia. Do you know what is the cost to the consumers? We are exposed to a string of ailments due to radiation emitted from mobile phone. This booklet discloses health threats of mobile phone and electromagnetic pollution that happens everywhere.

  • The word “cancer” is enough to strike fear in anyone. What is alarming is that this disease is now a growing health problem in Malaysia. Prevention is better than cure. Find out from this booklet 14 ways to prevent cancer and some do’s and don???ts in your diet and lifestyle to live a happy and healthy life.

  • Sugar is known as “empty calories” or “nutrient-free” food because it does not give us any nutrient, instead it drains nutrient storage in our body to metabolise it. Read this book to find out how this sweet killer ruins our body and how to avoid over consumption of sugar.

  • Nowadays foods are chemicalised and contaminated in order to extend its shelf life, make it more presentable, attractive and tasty. The chemicals used can lead to chronic disease, sterility and deformity among our offspring. This book exposes the danger of fake foods. Learn how to be a food detective, select more wisely before you eat and in charge of your own health.

  • Is genetic engineering producing miracle crops to feed the hunger? Does it offer greener agriculture to protect the environment? Or it is science that fails the reality test? If you are conerning the future of humanity and all living being on this planet this book is an essential reading for you.

  • Malaysians consume average 26 teaspoons of sugar daily and we rank 8th highest of sugar consumption in the world. Over 60 ailments are linked to sugar. Find out more how this pure – white and deadly sweet killer slowly destroys our health.

  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is a popular flavouring used in restaurant foods – processed foods and frozen foods. The food industry tells us that MSG is natural and safe. But there is a growing mountain of evidence that MSG is toxic and poisonous especially for children – babies and elder group. How does MSG harms our health? FInd out more from this booklet.


Showing 33–48 of 148 results