Emotional Wellbeing

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  • Stay calm and maintain your serenity.

  • Made from steam distillation of lavender’s flowers, Florame’s certified organic Fine Lavender Essential Oil is botanically and biologically defined. No synthetic ingredients, no dilution with other essential oils, no modification made to their natural composition, Florame’s certified organic Fine Lavender Essential Oil guarantee to be of the purest and highest quality.

  • Lavender flowers tea provides wonderful, harmony yet comfort feeling especially in the evening. It smells spicy-sweet with hints of lemon and mint. The flavor is flowery, sweet, slightly bitter and slightly reminiscent of rosemary. The beautiful yellow-purple color of the tea is worth noting why the freshly brewed tea should definitely be served in a large cup.

  • Help revive the senses and restore natural energy flow with this unique synergy of refreshing, stimulating oils. Impeccable organic ingredients with invigorating, uplifting qualities that support sustainable energy and wholesome balance – no caffeine overload. Revitalize is a versatile concentrate that can be used to help counter mental and physical fatigue: in a diffuser to help rouse a room, on pulse points as a rescue response, on the car headrest for the long roads, and post-shower on a wet cloth to add a therapeutic boost to the daily routine.

  • An effective recipe for those wanting natural support in times of tension and pressure, this pristine organic blend has ‘nature identical’ components that integrate with the nervous system to support natural calm and mental quiet. Use with a balance of healthy exercise and gentle, deep breathing to promote sustainable energy and to help combat stress.

  • Let the noise and stress of the day drift away with a warm, gentle aroma designed to promote inner peace and relaxation. Made with a unique synergy of therapeutic ingredients, this blend has specific relaxant, calming and cleansing properties to help soothe world-weary senses and encourage restorative process. Suitable for diffusion, pulse points, baths and dilute for massage.

  • Feelings of sickness and nausea in the mornings, and sometimes throughout the day, are classic reactions to first trimester pregnancy changes. And because we need greater awareness around the products that we use, Absolute Essential has created a completely natural botanical blend with specific balancing properties to gently ease the way. Morning Balance has a powerful aroma with simple cleansing tones to help restore the senses to equilibrium. Whether induced by hormone dips, indigestion, or heightened sensitivity to travel, the therapeutic qualities of this certified organic blend act directly on healthy natural process and sensory responses.

  • If you want to be at your peak for learning in an atmosphere conducive to study, the essential ingredients here are blended to assist natural memory processes and healthy concentration. With tones that are energizing & revitalising, Brain Power diffusion is recommended to create a space suitable for focus and disciplined work. Because of the connection between fragrance and memory, using Brain Power as you work and again when you take your exam or make a presentation – a few drops on your clothes – is a naturally effective measure to encourage optimum recall.

  • An easy to use balm that calm your nerves and cheers you up. Contains specific essential oils of Rosemary, Tangerine, Spearmint, Cedarwood, Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Rose; this balm not only works great but smells great too!

  • A dreamy night balm rich with precious oils of Bergamot, Balsam Fir and Lavender that calm, encourage, cheer and relax the restless wanderers. This balm helps quiet your thoughts that prepare you for a peaceful sleep.


Showing all 10 results