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  • Hormone disorder is the culprit behind many women’s health problems. why not? Evening Primrose Oil is cold pressed from non GMO evening primrose seeds, providing you notable amount of linolenic acid which aids hormonal and skin disorders.

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  • From the impact of adolescence to the onset of menopause, a woman’s composure is integral to the balance of her physiology. Absolute Essential has crafted a very pure blend that works in harmony with the body to support a woman through her natural processes. With molecular properties that can infiltrate natural hormonal process and specific relaxant and soothing properties, this unique essential oil synergy acts organically to promote healthy transition and equilibrium. From premenstrual tensions through to menopause, let Absolute Essential support the journey with natural integrity. Suitable to be used in a bath, diffuser, compress or dilute for massage (see directions).

  • The first months after birth can be physically and emotionally challenging for any mother. It is sometimes hard to allow the joy of parenting to remain in the frame. Post Natal Lift is a very safe, all-natural blend that has been crafted with uplifting, restorative oils in a calming fresh synergy for gentle, unobtrusive support. Nurture healthy energy and a positive outlook and protect yourself from negativity with this potent therapeutic blend that complements your astounding natural capacity for maternal strength and grace. Suitable for diffusion, perfume, bath or diluted for massage (see directions).

  • The sweet smell and taste of Rose flower is a real experience for the senses,gentle yet sensuous. It looks pretty when rose flower is served in a delicate white cup especially if you put some rose petals to it. An herbal blend with rose petals excited eyes and palate. Moreover, the flowers harmonize very well with lemon verbena or hemp leaves.

  • A safe, deeply therapeutic balm for mother’s to be. A luxurious, silky-fine blend to massage all over your body, especially when your back gets tired from carrying the additional weight and to ease the many discomforts that can manifest as your body takes the strain. Leaves your skin soft and supple and so helps to minimise the impact of stretching. Safe to use as often as you like.

  • IRONFIT® Plus is a liquid iron formula carefully formulated from fruits for vitality and endurance all day long!.

  • 100% powder from Red Maca Root

  • The certified organic flaxseed is specially cold-milled using the unique flaking process which produces less heat and immediately vacuum packed to preserve the rich valuable oils and nutrients at their optimum state within every piece of seed, which aids in improving its digestibility and bioavailability. With this “living food” milling method, the pieces in which the germ remain intact can actually sprout.


Showing all 8 results