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Centainnel Sweet Potato Ramen, 250g



“Feel the springy and chewy noodles to the last bite.”

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Centainnel Agriculture has been practising biodynamic farming for years and now they found opportunity turning sweet potato into healthy noodles. Farmer Ah Niao started to grow sweet potato when he heard the conventional grown sweet potato uses a lot of pesticides and chemical fertiliser. He realised it is totally true when his organically grown sweet potatoes are mostly damaged by insects, nearly up to 2 years without rewarding harvest.

Ah Niao focusing on planting green manure, 6 rounds in a year, turning sandy grounds to fertilized soil. Great things happen to those who keep believing! After almost 3.5 year, he successfully harvests the first batch of superior sweet potatoes. With bundle of precious sweet potato harvest, Centainnel started to produce organic sweet potato noodles – Sweet Potato Ramen & Mee Suar with local noodles specialist. Fresh sweet potatoes are cooked and mixed with organic unbleached flour and made through traditional hand pulled technology.

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 23 cm
Country of origins



Unbleached flour*, Sweet Potato*, Natural Sea Salt *Ingredients from organic agriculture

Usage Instructions

1. Place Sweet Potato Ramen into boiling water for 16 minutes. 2. Remove & rinse with cold water 3. Stir fry or cook in hot broth with your favorite ingredients.

Storage Instructions

Keep in cool, dry place. Keep refrigerated for freshness after opening.

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