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    Emile Noel Organic Virgin Evening Primrose Oil, 100ml

    Emile Noël

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    Oil That Keeps Your Hormones in Balance

    This precious oil is cold-pressed from seeds of evening primrose using the endless-screw press method. It is rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) (~10%). They belong to the group of essential fatty acids which are not produced by the body.

    Well known for the ability to balance hormones for both men and women. With the GLA content, it is excellent as an anti-inflammatory supplement.

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    What makes us different?

    1. Old and Gold
    Emile Noël® is a French family-owned company with 100 years of history. It is the market leader for organic first cold-pressed virgin oils, being the first oil mill in France to press seeds farmed organically in 1972. Its exclusive screw press processing technique has passed down for four generations.


    2. Cold-pressed Quality
    The oil is slowly extracted through Emile Noël’s® novel cold-press method whereby a screw is slowly turned on the seeds, pressing and grinding them at temperatures below 60°C. Besides preventing heat-sensitive seeds from spoiling, this method also gives enough time to draw out the oil’s true essence.


    3. Good Oil Starts from the Seed
    Faithful to the old adage of “to make good oils, you need good seeds”, Emile Noël® travels around the world in search of the right organic seeds, particularly those grown in quality soil. By finding soil and climates that are favourable to the seed’s growth, they lay the foundation to extracting oils with excellent flavours and nutritional qualities.



    4. Quality Judged by Oil Testers
    Blind taste tests are conducted every week by a team under the supervision of Emile Noël’s® judging panel, where they evaluate the organoleptic characteristics of each product in order to determine its quality and category.

    Furthermore, all oils are subjected to an internal monitoring plan created by Emile Noël’s® labs.


    5. Environmentally and Free-Trade Friendly
    Emile Noël® compensates small-scale farmers fairly for their work while providing working conditions that respect every employee’s well-being and dignity. They are also dedicated to enviromentally-friendly production by recycling waste, obtaining EU Ecolabel certification, as well as reducing carbon emissions and energy wastage.



    • Certified organic
    • 100 years of history, established since 1920
    • Extra virgin (first cold pressed and unrefined)
    • Made from traditional screw press techniques
    • Premium-grade seeds / nuts
    • Seeds picked from small yield, high quality crops
    • Fair Trade. Supports small scale organic farmers
    • Well established in-house R&D
    • Rich flavour
    • Bottle is nitrogen flushed to preserve the oil’s freshness.

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    100% organic first cold-pressed virgin evening primrose oil

    How to Use

    Adult: 1 teaspoon/day, preferably with meal or after meal
    Children: ¼-½ teaspoon/day, preferably with meal or after meal

    Use as massage oil by directly applying on skin or mix with your preferred essential oils before applying.


    Keep in cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight, heat and moisture.


    This oil is cold pressed to preserve its authentic flavour and precious nutrients.
    Therefore, please do not use it for cooking, baking, frying or any other food preparation exposed to heat higher than 60°C.