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Farm Foodies Kids Tempeh Seasoning, 50g

Farm Foodies


Introducing Farm Foodies’ new tempeh seasoning – Kids Tempeh Seasoning! Mums can now easily in nutrient dense superfood tempeh into your kids meal.

This kids tempeh seasoning provides wholesome nutrients from protein rich cashews, fermented tempeh and more, giving natural umami taste for children healthy tastebud development.

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  • Organic Ingredient
  • Low temperature dehydrates tempeh (35 – 40°C), preserving nutrients
  • Using fair trade, creamy Sunria cashew
  • Produced from Artisanal Tempeh, at least 20%
  • Natural, healthy umami for children
  • Versatile & convenient

Farm Foodies Kids Tempeh Seasoning combines 2-steps fermented organic tempeh and Sunria cashew with limited harvest from the Island of Java.

Grown in the fertile land, traditionally cracked Sunria cashew is creamier and sweeter tasting than others.

The cashew nuts have been roasted just at the right temperature to preserve the nutrients and good fats.

This seasoning not only provides nutrients, it enhances the flavor of your dishes while empowering Indonesian women and giving livelihood to them.

Not only it is lovable by kids, but suitable for big kids like you!


Cashew nut*, Farm Foodies artisan tempeh*, Nutritional yeast*, Kombu, Sea salt, Black peppercorns*

*Organic ingredients

How to Use

Add to enhance dishes, soup, noodles and rice. Suitable for sprinkling on fruits and salads.


Keep in chiller, best before within 3 months shelf life.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 12 cm