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Florame Organic Dill Essential Oil, 5ml

Anethum graveolens


Dill essential oil with a strong anise flavor and a special scent has calming properties.

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From the Apiaceae family, this herbaceous plant native to Persia was recommended by Galen, a Greek doctor considered to be one of the founders of medicine. After the hearty and legendary meals of the time, Louis XIV took a few drops of a potion made from dill , coriander, fennel and cinnamon. Known for a long time, it was a symbol of vitality for the Romans.


100% of the total ingredients are from organic farming Organic room

fragrance controlled by Ecocert Greenlife – F32600

Culture: Organic

Family: Apiaceae

Main Molecules: carvone, limonene, α-phellandrene

Part used: Herb

Origin: Eastern Europe

Weight 0.05 kg
Country of origins

Eastern Europe


Use in a FLORAME electric diffusoror in dry diffusion.Do not use pure but in a small percentage in blend with other essential oils; do not diffuse around children under 7.


Do not use in pregnant or breastfeeding women, or in children under 7 years old. Do not use in people with a history of convulsions and / or allergic to essential oils. Consult a doctor for any therapeutic indication or any oral treatment.


Store away from light and heat. Keep out of reach of children. Keep cap tightly closed.

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