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Florame Ultrasonic Diffuser with Light



The Ultrasonic Luminous Diffuser designed in glass disperses an aesthetic and fragrant mist in…

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The Ultrasonic Luminous Diffuser designed in glass disperses an aesthetic and fragrant mist in your interior .

– An oval shape, with a discreet and elegant design.

– Diffusion of essential oils by ultrasound.

– The ultransonic diffuser which changes color creates a luminous atmosphere thanks to the possibility of turning the light on or off during the diffusion.

This sleek ultrasonic diffuser takes on a magical feel when you turn it on with this rising mist and glowing glassware. In frosted glass and elegant ovoid shape, this ultrasonic diffuser has a functionality that turns it into a light therapy instrument and encourages relaxation and letting go. This programmable diffuser changes color, there are 8 variations of light (from dark white light to shimmering colors) to create a warm, subdued and felted atmosphere.

The ultrasound emitted by the diffuser which changes color transforms the oils into a mist in the form of droplets which spreads through the air. This diffusion option lightly humidifies the atmosphere, making it less dry and more breathable. Ultrasonic diffusion is a diffusion process which is carried out cold, so the original fragrances are not altered, the properties of essential oils suspended in the air are not degraded and remain immutable. The ultrasonic diffuser generates a consequent flow of negatively charged oxygen atoms to cleanse the respiratory tract.

A room with an area of ​​40 m² can easily be perfumed by the scent of an ultrasonic diffuser in less than a quarter of an hour. The extent of the diffusion can depend on these factors: the proportion of essential oils added to the water bed, and the openings and openings of the room where you place the ultrasonic diffuser (drafts, air vents, Windows.,…)

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How to Use

You pour water up to the indicated fill level and add the selected essential oils. Diffusion is done by ultrasound. Press once, it changes color. Double tap and you can choose your color. By pressing a third time, the light goes out but the diffusion continues. Maintenance advice: change the water regularly and clean the tank once a week. For more details, see the instructions. Tips for using the ultrasonic diffuser: Practical and easy to use, you can change the scent atmosphere by changing essential oils as you wish. We recommend that you only diffuse pure essential oils, preferably organically grown in this diffuser. Maintenance advice: It is advisable to frequently renew the water in the tank and to clean the ultrasonic diffuser two to three times a week in order to avoid any soiling and possible bad odors caused by the appearance of germs or by deterioration resulting from dirty water. Change the water with each new scent included in the diffuser.


Atmospheric diffusion does not present any particular risk because the quantity of essential oils inhaled is very low, but not all essential oils diffuse. Check the use of the essential oil you want to diffuse.

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