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Mai Soap Enzyme Laundry Bar, 150g

Mai Soap


Mai Soap Enzyme Laundry Bar is an eco-friendly handmade soap made by reusing organic oil and recycled oil! Best of all-it’s all local!

Convenient for rubbing away stains on clothes, shoes, clothes mask etc. This soap is cured for 40 – 60 days to bring down the pH value.

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The Mai Soap Story

mai soap laundry bar lifestyle

Pudding’s Artisans founder Hui Sin is a home-based soap artisan.

Being an organic and nature lover, she first found herself concerned about environment issues, especially water pollution.

After first learning about breastmilk soap-making in the postnatal maternal care industry, Hui Sin started making handmade soaps in 2018.

mai soap laundry bar lifestyle

Since then, she has formulated and curated all kinds of handmade soaps with organic and biodynamic ingredients, without preservatives, synthetic colours and bleaching agents.

Any colours she uses are derived from natural food colours without any nasty chemical that pollute and endanger marine lives.

​“Soaps making seems to be a simple mixture of oils and alkali, but to me, it’s beyond that.


You’ll find surprises every time even though same formula is used.”


– MaiSoap, Pudding Artisan.

With her bubbly personality and passion for homemade soap, she has enjoyed sharing with others the benefits of homemade, organic soaps at artisanal farmers markets and bazaars around Malaysia.

pudding artisan soap label


  • Made from organic, natural ingredients
  • Reuse & reduce waste by reusing organic oil and recycled oil
  • No artificial preservatives, colouring and fragrance
  • Effective cleaning – easy to use and suitable for heavy duty
  • Proudly locally made
  • Handmade with time and love


Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 6 cm

Coconut oil*, Emile Noel sunflower oil*, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Eco Enzyme, Bitter tea powder, salt, cane sugar

Shelf Life

Best to use within 6 – 10 months