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Muni + Florame Breathe Freely Set (Muni Plant Dye Face Mask + Florame Breathing Essential Oil)



Raw Nature has collaborated with MUNI to create a GOTS-certified plant dye mask and Florame breathing essential oil set, all wrapped in a linen pouch bundle!

Muni Breath Freely Set contains:

MUNI Face Masks are available in 3 colours:

  • Indigo-blue (natural indigo plant dye)
  • Moss (Tegeran wood plant dye)
  • Dark grey (jelawai fruit skin plant dye)
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The MUNI Story

MUNI is a natural dye apparel made using tropical plant dyes. MUNI started its journey in 2017, the founder, Muni Osman took a life changing trip in Bali that made him discover the beauty of living in tropics. He was in owe with how much the local creatively utilise the mother earth resources and turn it into beautiful and intricate art to express their culture.

Munir wanted to share the nature feeling and bring people around the world closer to nature through fashion and what they wear. So he took frequent visit to Bali and Java to find sustainable material and acknowledge the handcraft process and effort from the people such as the farmers, tailors, and artisans. Munir relearn about the industry and knew it is important to humanize fashion through the artisans with transparent and ethical practices.

MUNI provides HONEST apparel where the formula includes only renewable fabrics, natural plant dyes, nontoxic waste and fair wages to the people involved. MUNI impact more people without compromising quality and most importantly maintaining the values.

In MUNI, they work using a hand dye process based on traditional methods of natural dyeing. Using tropical plant dyes sourced from across Southeast Asia and India, the artisans work their magic to bring each garment to life with colors unmatched by synthetic dyes. Working with natural dyes has been difficult and lengthy process which takes anywhere between 5-8 days to finish. But it is all worth as it makes positive impact to the environment and people.


Last year, it has been our pleasure to connect with Munir and work with him on plant dye masks and pouches.

While MUNI has always been using sustainable fabrics, we work with him to source GOTS certified fabrics for our face mask. With the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, we ensure the material are harvested and produced ethically for our environment and people from seed to fabrics processing and labelling. MUNI explore GOTS satin for the mask material which are soft and comfortable to our skin.

In December, the production has been delayed when the production site in Sepang was affected by the worst flood ever in Malaysia.

Despite the challenges, the team remained resilient and continue working on the earth friendly plant dye after recovery. It is all worth it when the final product is born.

Take note!

Muni special plant dye mask and pouch require special care:

  • Avoid heavy stains and contact with citrus
  • Cold hand wash separately
  • Use delicate fabric detergent
  • Do not wring or scrub fabrics
  • Hand dry under shade
  • Avoid sunlight when storing
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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20 cm