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NaturGreen Organic Soja Calcium, 1L



This tasty and smooth soya drink is excellent as your daily source of calcium from marine algae.

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This tasty and smooth soya drink is excellent as your daily source of calcium from marine algae.

1 cup (250ml) serving provides 300mg of calcium (equivalent to 37.5% of daily calcium requirement).

Calcareous sea algae is an algae that deposit high amount of calcium in its tissue, a perfect and wholesome calcium food source. Excellent for those with extra calcium needs such as elderly, young children, adolescents and pregnant mothers.


  • Certified organic, 100% vegetarian and dairy free. Suitable for vegan too!
  • Made from GMO free hulled soy beans.
  • Sweetened with agave syrup that naturally rich in fructose. It is better alternative of sweetener for diabetic.
  • Rich in calcium from marine algae. One glass gives 300mg of calcium.
  • No cholesterol.
  • No preservatives and colouring.

Country of Origin



Water, hulled soy beans* (7.2%), agave syrup*, calcareous marine algae: Lithothamnion calcareum (0.3%), natural vanilla flavouring.

*ingredients from organic farming

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 26 cm



Benefits Rich in calcium and suitable for children, teenagers, pregnant ladies, breastfeeding mothers and those who want to build a strong bone and also avoid osteoporosis.  Excellent source of high quality protein to build and regenerate body cells. Soy beans contains all the essential amino acids which can not be synthesized by our body.  

Usage Instruction

Suggested UseA delicious drink at any moment of the day, by itself or mix with other beverages. Used in recipes to substitute milk.Storage InstructionsKeep at cool dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Keep refrigerated after opening and consume within 5 days.

Dietary Choices

Gluten-free, Vegan

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