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Olyra Breakfast Biscuit Hazelnut Carob, 150g



Wisdom Treats from Ancient Greek Grains

Olyra gives you 100% ancient Greek grains with a holistic approach, providing superior benefits on their breakfast biscuits!

The ideal blend of stoned milled spelt, oat, barley and lupine result in a high protein, high fiber, and minimal sugar biscuit-letting you survive and thrive through the day like Spartan warriors!

A harmonic blend of grains with hazelnut and caffeine free carobs, it has great crispy texture with nutty and deep malt bitterness. Best served with hot breakfast drink.

10% of profits made from this product will be used to support the people in need and worthwhile causes.

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What makes us different?

A family business for over 5 generations

Founded by Yannis Varellas, he and his family have been farming and milling grains for over 5 generations, inheriting a love and dedication to the lands and crops.

Support local community farmers

Yannis works closely with local community farmers in Thrace who grow the ancient grains such as Spelt, Lupine, Barley and Oat in the land of their ancestors, creating better social-

economic condition and while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Ground with ancestor’s millstone

Grains are traditionally stone-ground using the tools of Yannis’s grandfather. This slow, massaging process on the grains give a wonderful smooth taste, texture and most importantly preserve

the nutritional values of the milled flours.

Holistic Greek recipes

Inspired by the practical wisdom, virtues and holistic approach of Ancient Greeks, the simple yet unique Olyra biscuit is produced using wholesome ancient grains and crafted with delicious nuts

and warming spices, the basis of ancient Greek diet.

Nurtured from 100% ancient greek grains

Ancient grains grown for thousand years ago – Oat, Spelt, Barley and Lupine are the 4 secret weapons used in Olyra biscuit.

Untouched by modern breeding, the ancient grains provide full spectrum of nutrients. Lupine & the popular spelt provides good quality plant-based protein while oats & barley are high in fibre and vitamin, promote overall gut health.

Sustainable energy for the body, mind and spirit

One serving of Olyra biscuit contribute 5g protein & 4g fibre, high quality fuel to boost and sustain daily energy, satisfying our body needs and mind in the fast-paced lifestyle.

Be inspired by the ancient Greek athletes and warriors who endured in competitive Olympic events and battles.

Helping the needy

All big things start from little things. Sikit-Sikit will contribute 10% of the profits made from this biscuit to helping people in need and aim to make better and brighter Malaysia.

With every purchase of Olyra Biscuit, you’ll make positive impact to our community!


  • Milling grains since the 20th century
  • 5th generation family business
  • Using traditional stone-ground method
  • Ancient Greek grains
  • Certified organic ingredient
  • High fibre
  • High plant based protein
  • Non GMO ingredients
  • 100% whole grain
  • No preservatives, colouring or flavouring
  • Caffeine free
  • Dairy & Lactose free
  • Trans fat free
  • Vegetarian
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Whole Grain Flour* (spelt*, oat*, lupine*, barley*), cane sugar*, sustainable palm oil*, hazelnuts*, hazelnuts paste*, carob flour*, honey*, flaxseed flour*, baking soda, sea salt, cinnamon*, cloves*. *Ingredients from certified organic farming

How to Use

Simply consume with plant-based milk, smoothie, coffee & tea or with fresh fruits.


Store in cool and dry place