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Rasamasa Organic Ragi Tempeh, 20g



Make your own tempeh at home!

Tempeh ragi (starter) cultivated locally with organic ingredients. One bottle can make up to 300pcs of tempeh!

How To Make Tempeh at Home:

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Savor The Taste of Time

Rasamasa Enterprise is a newly incorporated company since June 2020, with the intention to encourage home cooking with good organic and biodynamic ingredients as well as providing raw ingredients for making traditional fermented food at home.

Make your own organic tempeh at home for regular supply of fresh tempeh. Tempeh is a rich source of plant-based protein and iron. rasamasa ragi is cultivated in Malaysia in a controlled and safe environment, hence it is best suited for our climate and environment. This bottle of ragi can make at least 30kg of tempeh!


What Makes Us Different?

1. High potency

This ragi is well cultivated and do not have additional fillers. So, you only need a very small amount to make your tempeh. One

bottle is enough for about 20kgs of dried beans (About 300pcs of normal sized tempeh)!


2. Locally cultivated

This ragi is cultivate d in Malaysia, hence is best suited for our climate and environment.


3. Experienced

Our manufacturer, Sirirasa Food Biotech Sdn Bhd is a company that focus on fermentation products with good quality ingredients. The owner Mr Cheah is the third generation of soya sauce maker and is very passionate with food fermentation.


4. Lab tested for safety

The ragi is produced in a controlled and safe environment. Every batch is also tested for aflatoxin.


5. Organic ingredient

The rhizopus oligosporus is cultivated on high quality certified organic brown rice that in turn gives us good quality tempeh. Organic way of farming help to preserve our soil and environment.


6. Makes good quality tempeh with pleasant aroma

The ragi is carefully cultivated to give exceptional quality tempeh that is well formed with snowy white mycelium. The freshly made tempeh is so good that you can eat it raw.


7. Versatile

This ragi is suitable to be used for all types of beans (eg. Soy bean, black bean, mung bean, chickpea, black eye pea) and whole grains (brown rice, barley, oat).

How To Make Tempeh at Home:



• High potency

• Made with Sunria certified organic pandan brown rice

• Locally cultivated starter

• Vegetarian / Vegan friendly

• No sugar added

• No GMO ingredients

• No preservatives, colouring or flavouring

• Gluten and lactose free


Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 8 cm
Country of origin



Sunria organic brown rice*, rhizopus oligosporus *Ingredients from certified organic farming


For making tempeh. Add 1g (4 small scoops, insert in the container) to every kg of dried beans.


Keep dry. Store at cool, dry place. Once opened store in fridge.

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