“Rice Fortune” Hamper 《年年有米》有机好米礼袋


“Rice Fortune” Hamper



Product description

A staple in many countries and an icon in Asian culture, rice is known to symbolise wealth and prosperity. In Chinese traditions, the elderly in a house always makes sure that there is an abundance of rice in the house as a sign of good fortune. Why Not?™ Rice Fortune CNY Hamper is a perfect gift for anyone as a well wishing for the receiver to be prosperous.


Not just organic, Sunria works hand-in-hand with small-scale Indonesian rice farmers trapped in decades of poverty cycle by introducing fair trade practices and empowering them to grow better rice in a more sustainable manner.


“Rice” up this Chinese New Year as we celebrate this joyful season with Sunria rice for better lives


“有米”具有富足、富裕的涵意。春節送出Why Not?™《年年有米》有機好米禮袋,藉以傳達財運亨通、富貴榮華的慶賀之意。


SUNRIA 有機米,蘊含著稻農感人的故事以及堅持守護鄉土的熱情。印尼社會企業家Emily透過契作支持有機稻農、推廣種植優質米種,並協助小農走出貧窮。這些努力與付出不但讓我們得以享用安全、充滿正能量的好米,同時也促進更公平、更人性化的微型農業體系,並建立更多良好互動及共勞共享的社群。




Consists of:

  • 3 varieties of 1kg Sunria Organic Rice:
    • Pandan White Rice. 香蘭白米 x 1
    • Volcano Rice. 火山米 x 1
    • Rainforest Rice. 雨林米 x 1


  • 2 varieties of 1kg Sunria Sea Salt:
    • Natural Sea Salt. 天然日晒海盐 x 1
    • Bamboo Roasted Salt. 竹烤香料海盐 x 1


Sunria Salt Project
Sunria works hand-in-hand with the local community living in coastal areas to produce the finest sea salt. We help low-income families by empowering them with skills to handcraft sea salt and introducing fair trade practices. Instead of relying on subsistence fishing, they are now able to earn sustainable income and help to conserve a clean beach environment, and humanity.

• 100% natural. 100% 全天然
• Whole with trace minerals. 含豐富微量礦物質
• Unrefined. 非精製
• Unbleached. 無漂白
• No harmful chemicals. 無化學添加


Sunria Natural Sea Salt
With the fresh flavor of the ocean, Sunria Sea Salt is produced from the pristine sea of Java. Under the golden rays of tropical sun and the loving hands of the Javanese, the seawater slowly turns into mineralised salt crystals. Savour the fine taste of Sunria Sea Salt that is excellent for seasoning, cooking or finishing all types of cuisines.


Sunria Bamboo Roasted Sea Salt
A one-of-a-kind salt with a magical ability to release the deepest flavours of your food, allowing you to taste and smell it much more! Uniquely roasted inside bamboo tube with spices, Javanese sea salt
turns into a natural flavour enhancer that is sure to tantalise your taste buds. Perfect as a seasoning, cooking or finishing salt, it elevates your dishes to be extraordinary. Let your senses be spellbound

Weight 5.5 kg

Makes a great gift

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