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Root Plus Organic Lotus Root, 500g

Root Plus


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The one and only organic lotus root farm in Malaysia!

Located in Perak, Root Plus organic lotus root farm has been growing lotus roots without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers for the past 10 years. Lotus roots are grown in muddy soil which can go as deep as 7 feet, sometimes the farmers would have to dive into the water to harvest the roots. It takes a certain special skill to be able to identify where the lotus roots are and how to harvest them as a whole without damaging or breaking the lotus. This skill was passed down from father to son, Mr. Cheong now manages the lotus root farm using sustainable farming with Yuki, his wife and their son.

Did you know that lotus roots start to oxidize naturally after a couple of days? That’s why it is only natural to see the skin turning darker and darker as days go by, even when it is refrigerated! Fret not, as long as the lotus roots are not soft, they are still perfectly fine, simply remove the skin if they have turned brown.


Weight 0.5 kg
Country of origin

Perak, Malaysia


Organically grown lotus roots.


Keep refrigerated, keeps well for up to a week. After 4-5 days, the outer skin of the lotus root will start to brown as oxidation starts to occur, this occurs naturally as it is not sprayed or coated with any preservatives to make extend its shelf life. Simply remove the skin before cooking, as long as it has not turn soft, the lotus root are still as delicious as it can be!

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