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    Sodasan Laundry Powder Colour Sensitive, 1.01kg



    Cleans, Yet Gentle On Skin

    The innovative formula cleans effectively but remains gentle on the skin. Specially formulated for those with sensitive skin. It is fragrance-free and made with organic vegetable soap and soda.

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    What makes us different?

    1. Nature Care Product (NCP) Certified
    Clean without any ifs or buts: This certification is among the highest standards in the industry when it comes to “clean“ standards. From being 100% natural ingredients to environmental friendly packaging to no petrochemicals, GMO, microplastics and various other criteria.

    2. Ingredients from Organic Farming
    We use as much raw materials from organic farming as possible. Including olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil and essential oils. We are still constantly looking for way to increase the usage of organic farmed ingredients.

    3. Natural Ingredients
    In order to reduce the burden of our ecosystem, we rely ONLY on natural high-performance products in our formulation. For example: Some long-lasting artificial fragrances in detergents are encapsulated using synthetic materials which harms the environment and health. We only use natural fragrances and essential oils.

    4. No Petrochemicals
    We reject any form of petrochemical raw materials. This is why we do not use any synthetic fragrances, colours, preservatives, surfactants, brighteners and microplastics.

    5. CO2 Neutral
    We are certified CO2 neutral. We use energy operated with wind from Greenpeace Energy. We also support reforestation projects in Uganda to counteract the remaining of our CO2 emissions.

    6. Recycling Plastic
    We are actively trying to ensure that we do not produce more virgin plastics. Most of our plastic packaging is now being switched to recycled materials.

    7. Certified Sustainable Economics (CSE)
    This certification guarantees that not only our products meet the highest ecological requirements, even our company management must be based on ethical and social principles.



    • Certified Nature Care Product (NCP)
    • Specially made for those with allergy and sensitive skin – Dermatologically confirmed
    • Colour stays bright even after several washings
    • 100% ingredients of natural origin
    • Plant based surfactants
    • No petrochemicals & microplastics
    • No GMO ingredients
    • No artificial fragrances, colours, preservatives & surfactants
    • Without optical brighteners
    • CO2 neutral
    • Easily & completely biodegradable
    • Vegan friendly – Registered with The Vegan Society and PETA

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    Weight1.2 kg
    Country of origin



    Sodium soap*, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, trisodium citrate, silicate, glycerin*

    *organic ingredients

    Usage Instruction

    For wash load of 4 – 5 kg of laundry:
    Lightly soiled laundry: 50g
    Normal soiled laundry: 65g
    Heavily soiled laundry: 85g
    For particularly stubborn stains, pretreat with Sodasan Stain Remover


    Store at a cool, dry place. Avoid from direct sunlight.


    Keep out of the reach of children. If swallowed, call doctor if you feel unwell, Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes if contact with eyes, remove contact lenses if present. 

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