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Tai’s Choice Chili Salted Vegetables with Sesame, 160g [EXP: 01/01/2023]

Tai's Choice

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Flavours that Revive Tasty Memories

Salted Vegetables finely chopped then stir fry with chili, ginger and sesame turn into appetizing yet nostalgic condiments that bring back tasty memories from old times.

Readily serve in plain porridge or stir fry in any dish, make comfort food with less preparation.

Out of stock

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What makes us different?

1. Don’t think too much! Taste the Organic Passion

With more than 20 years culinary experience, Tai’s Choice creates organic versatile products and condiments with touch of nature beauty at GK Organic Farm which started organic farming since 1994. “Don’t think too much!” Taste the passion in every Tai Choice produce.

2. Start from good ingredients

All organic ingredients are finely chosen to produce the best quality sauces. Made using Tai’s Choice own pickled vegetables and GK Farm organically grown ginger.

3. Versatile & Convenient

This handy, versatile condiment is readily use – time saver for busy bees who would still like to enjoy simple delicious home cooked food.

4. Limited Production in Small Batches

The condiments are produced in limited and small batches for freshness.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Dedicated to environmentally friendly production by recycling the glass bottles.


• Organic ingredients

• Vegetarian/ Vegan friendly

• No preservatives, colouring or


• Vacuumed jar to preserve the best


• Limited production

• Small batches production

• Proudly Malaysian

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 8 cm
Shelf Life:

12 months


Salted Vegetables*, chili*, cane sugar*, sesame*, ginger*, cooking oil* *Ingredients organic farming


Readily serve in porridge or stir fry with dishes.


Store at a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening.