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Tai’s Choice CNY 2023 Gift Set – Limited Edition

Tai's Choice


What’s Inside

Contains 7 Locally Crafted Organic Condiments + Sunria Rice:

  • Vegan lou sang sauce
  • Seaweed teriyaki sauce
  • Chunky pumpkin pesto
  • Dried banana & papaya pickle
  • Acar batang pisang
  • Coconut serunding
  • Misai kucing tea
  • Sunria Rice

*Very limited stock


In stock

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A gift from the farm!

This year we have collaborated with GK organic farm and Tai’s Choice to bring to you an organic gift box filled with handcrafted, slowly cooked sauces made in the farm using ingredients grown by GK Organic farm.

The theme this year is going home for a warm hearted meal, hence all the sauces, snacks and tea compliments rice! You can prepare a wholesome delicious meal easily with all the ingredients in this gift box.

Lime and sesame salad dressing

Vegan Lou Sang sauce Lime and sesame salad dressing

A combination of green lemon jam with GK’s organic soy sauce, apple cider vinegar or rice vinegar with lots of sesame and sesame oil.

This salad dressing is thick and rice in umami flavour. You only need a little in amount to elevate the flavours of a salad.

Perfect as a lou sang dressing too, Mr. Liew from GK Organic farm prepared this for us where he add the flesh of passion fruits to make the sauces more fluid. Simply refreshing start to a meal!

Coconut serunding

Tai's Choice Coconut serunding

Made from old coconuts and cooked under low temperatures till crisp and fragrant.

This condiment is delicious as a rice condiment, try sprinkling it on your rice or making rice balls with this!

Acar batang pisang

Acar batang pisang

One of the most time consuming condiments to produce, this acar is made from the inner stem of a banana tree!

Imagine taking time to remove the outer thick layers and then processing the inner stem by cutting it and cooking it down under low temperatures with lots of aromatics.

The end result is a localised acar that is slightly spicy but super rich and concentrated with flavours.

Little amounts will bring colour and texture to your meals, we ate it with Sunria organic white rice and coconut serunding wrapped in banana leaves, mind blowingly simple yet delicious!

Chunky pumpkin pesto

Chunky pumpkin pesto pasta

In Mr. Liew’s words, the best pesto in town! Different from the usual smooth creamy basil pesto, this chunky pumpkin pesto is made from pumpkin and sweet potato grown in the farm. It is chunky!

Chunky pumpkin pesto sourdough bread

Toss it with some noodles, add it to your rice as condiments or lather it onto sourdough bread.

Or just eat it as it is, but remember, always shake the bottle to mix the ingredients before serving!

Seaweed teriyaki sauce

Seaweed teriyaki sauce

The secret in Tai’s choice sauces is that Mr. Tai does not add any water in making the sauces. That is why they are all so concentrated and only little amounts will do!

Mr. Liew served us teriyaki tofu which he marinated the tofu with the sauce and pan fried them, at the end he heated up some teriyaki sauce in a pan and added toasted sesame seeds then drizzled onto the tofu.

Safe to say its the best teriyaki tofu we have tasted!

Dried banana and papaya

Tai's Choice Dried banana and papaya

Grown organically in the farm, all the goodness of the fruits are intensified and preserved after drying process.

An addictive chewy snack that goes well with tea when hosting some guests over the Chinese new year.

Misai Kucing tea

Tai's Choice Misai Kucing tea

Works wonders in regulating blood sugar, cholesterol and uric acid issues.

This tea is one of our local healing herbs, sun dried and left in a clay urn to ferment for one month.

The tea gets better as it ages with time as long as kept properly.

Brew this tea for the family to pair with all the high calorie and sugar snacks during the Chinese new year.

Sunria Organic & Fair Trade Pandan white rice & rainforest rice

sunria farmers in a green rice field

A staple in many countries and an icon in Asian culture, rice is known to symbolise wealth and prosperity.

In Chinese traditions, the elderly in a house always makes sure that there is an abundance of rice in the house as a sign of good fortune.

Why Not?™ Rice Fortune CNY Hamper is a perfect gift for anyone as a well wishing for the receiver to be prosperous.


Not just organic, Sunria works hand-in-hand with small-scale Indonesian rice farmers trapped in decades of poverty cycle by introducing fair trade practices and empowering them to grow better rice in a more sustainable manner.

“Rice” up this Chinese New Year as we celebrate this joyful season with Sunria rice for better lives.

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