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Tai’s Choice Soursop Drink, 250ml

Tai's Choice


High Vit-C Refreshing Tropical Juice

Not only thirst quencher on hot day, this soursop drink is rich in vitamin C and antioxidant, perfect immune booster drinks.

This tropical fruit harvested at GK organic Farm 2 to 3 times year-round, has the delicate, tangy sweetness with citrus flavour notes.

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What makes us different?

1. Don’t think too much! Taste the Organic Passion

With more than 20 years culinary experience, Tai’s Choice creates organic versatile products with touch of nature beauty at GK Organic Farm which started organic farming since 1994. “Don’t think too much!” Taste the passion in every Tai Choice produce.

2. Nutritious, healthier choice

Made from fresh ripen soursop, blend and bottled right away to preserve the freshness.

3. Start from good ingredients

All organic ingredients are finely chosen to produce the best quality juices.

4. Seasonal Limited Production

The soursop harvest about 2 – 3 times year round, hence production is limited.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Dedicated to environmentally friendly production by recycling the glass bottles.


    • Organic ingredients

    • No preservatives, colouring or flavouring

    • Vacuumed glass to preserve the best quality

    • Limited production

    • Small batches production

    • Proudly Malaysian

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 12 cm
Shelf Life:

12 months


Soursop flesh*, cane sugar*, filtered water *Ingredients organic farming


Ready to drink.


Store at a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening.


1. Immune booster Soursop is rich in Vitamin C & antioxidant which are the component to strengthen immune system. 2. Source of Fibre & Nutrients 3. May Reduce Inflammation Soursop has component which may alleviate inflammation and decrease swelling.