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    TIGERUS® Cordyceps Sinensis Fruiting Body, 60s



    Vegetarian Cordyceps Sinensis that Support Kidney and circulation “xue”.

    A highly value exotic medicinal mushroom due to scarcity and efficacy. Native to the Himalayan, Tibet, it is the parasitic fungus that infect and mummifying moth caterpillars forming the fruiting body. Tigerus® Cordyceps sinensis cultivated using food-based substrate making it vegetarian while having similar efficacy as the Tibetan C. sinensis.

    Tigerus Cordyceps Sinensis support kidney health, help with blood circulation, immune system and revitalize energy.

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    What makes us different?

    1. Vegetarian friendly Cordyceps Sinensis
    Tigerus® Cordyceps Sinensis is suitable for vegetarian as it is cultivated in food-based substrate and no insect material is used.

    2. Direct Freeze-Dried Produce
    Freeze dry powder produced directly from wholly Cordyceps Sinensis Fruiting Body ensure safety dosage and consumption for all age groups.

    3. Authentication of Cordyceps Sinensis
    The authentication of LiGNO OCS02® which consists of full spectrum O. sinensis powder is confirmed by genetic identification. The bioactivities are comparable to the wild types O. sinensis.

    4. Cultivated using Proprietary Technology
    Tigerus® Cordyceps Sinensis is cultivated using proprietary method preserving the maximum active ingredients content.

    5. Scientifically proven Active Compound for Efficacy
    LiGNO OCS02® is scientifically validated and efficacy similar to Tibetan C. Sinensis. The effective dosage and metabolites compound are determined by scientific publication.

    6. Extraction at low temperature
    Extracted at low temperature 4°C preserves maximum compounds and nutrients by preventing degradation of thermolabile constituents, for instance proteins and peptides.

    7. Strict on Safety and Quality
    Cultivation and harvest of organic Cordyceps Sinensis is done using standard, sterile, hygienic protocol, in controlled facilities certified. by ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP and Halal body.



    • Certified organic ingredients
    • Natural and safe, with proven scientific benefits
    • Encased in vegetarian capsules
    • Halal
    • Produced under ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP certified facilities
    • Free from pesticides, fertilizer and additives.
    • Free from heavy metals, alpha toxins and microbial contamination.
    • Vegetarian / Vegan friendly


    1. Support kidney health
    • Strengthen kidney health and renal functions, help blood, water circulation. Prevent accumulation of excess toxin.
    • Reduce frequent urination problem.

    2. Maintain healthy immune system
    • Possess immune modulating properties helps improve immunity, enhances protection against infection and for overall health maintenance.

    3. Reduces fatigue & strengthen body
    • The activity of antioxidant enzyme helps fight fatigue and burnout especially people with busy lifestyle.

    4. Revitalizes energy, increase focus and productivity
    • Gentle tonic which can invigorate energy, suitable for students, elderly, busy workers, those recovering from illness.

    5. Improves cardiac function
    • It enhances blood circulation, regulates blood pressure and strengthen heart function.

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    Certified organic Cordyceps Sinensis fruiting body


    2 capsules after meal, once a day.


    Store below 30°C at cool dry place, away from sunlight.

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