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Vina’0 Alcohol-Free Wine Merlot, 750ml



Vina’0 is an 0% alcohol & vegan-friendly wine from France.

Vina’0 Merlot: All rounded on the palate with a lovely finish, expressing an aroma of dark berries like blackcurrant, bramble; cherry and plum.

Goes well with savoury sauce, pasta, and pizza. Best served at room temperature.


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Alcohol-Free Wine

Vina’0 is an 0% alcohol & vegan-friendly wine from France.

Their EU certified organic wine is produced from fully fermented mature wine Merlot, Chardonnay and Rosé. The alcohol is then extracted through low temperature vacuum distillation process to obtain totally alcohol-free wine!

The Vina’0 Story

Winemaker Vina’0 has been producing and promoting non-alcoholic beverages in 2009, and are now expand to organic range, 3 years later, now becoming the pioneer in this niche market.

Their de-alcoholised wine boasts a wide range of flavours and aroma from traditionally skilful wine making and unique dealcoholisation techniques.

Sustainability is the core values of the company, as they only work with local farmers.

Why No Alcohol?

The production of wine cultivates polyphenols (resveratrol) which is beneficial to support healthy heart and protect against cholesterol build-up on the lining, lower the risk of inflammation.

However, heavy consumption of alcohol will burden the liver metabolism and could increase risk of fatal diseases especially liver damage, obesity, strokes etc.

That’s why Vina’0 was started so people could obtain the goodness of wine without the alcohol!

Healthy Alternative

Vina’0 alcohol free wine is the lifestyle beverage with antioxidant health benefits. It is low in calorie, less than 20kcal/100ml suitable to enjoy any time and any occasion, without worrying about road safety and alcohol intoxication.

This elegant lifestyle beverage is also suitable to be enjoyed during during “me-times” or at health-conscious parties. Those sensitive to alcohol, pregnant women and vegetarians can give it a try! It is also suitable for cooking and baking.


  • EU organic certification
  • Vegan & Vegetarian friendly
  • Contains 0% alcohol
  • Low in Calorie
  • Preserve wine antioxidant – resveratrol, beneficial for health
  • Lifestyle relaxing beverage anytime, anywhere
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Vina’0 Alcohol Free Wine Merlot 750ml Alcohol free merlot wine*, concentrated grape juice*, sugar*, antioxidant: sulphites