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Vision Eco Farm Sea Minerals, 250ml



A Mineral Solution

Vision Eco Farm Sea Minerals is a solution rich in magnesium and other essential minerals that are beneficial to one’s health.

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What Makes Us Different?

Multiple Minerals

Vision Eco Farm’s Sea Minerals solution is a natural source of magnesium and other essential macro and trace elements that are necessary for a healthy body.



  • Promotes mental relaxation.
  • Promotes endocrine and hormonal balance.
  • Helps body enzymes health.
  • Boosts immune system health.
  • Increases electrolytes to allow normal cell activity and communication.
  • Beneficial for the growth and repair of human bones.
  • Maintain organic acid-base balance and cell osmotic pressure.

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Ocean-derived Sea Minerals

How to Use

Dilute and drink 1 hour after dinner or at bedtime. Empty stomach encourages absorption, i.e. fasting one or more times during the day. For children under the age of 12 children, 5 drops per day. Can be added to fruit juice or warm drink.


Due to the concentrated nature of the minerals, do not take them undiluted.

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