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Vive Dark Bites Chocolate Bites Cashew Cacao with Nibs, 150g [EXP: 08/01/2023]

Vive Snack

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Vive Dark Chocolate Bites Cashew & Cacao Nibs contains beautiful locally produced and handcrafted cacao (65% dark chocolate). Minimal processing ensures that the real cacao taste and nutrients are retained.

Topped with gently roasted Sunria Cashew Nuts, the raw cacao nibs are seasoned with a sprinkle of sea salt, colourful flower blossom and spices finishes.

All the real ingredients complement each other to provide amazing snack satisfaction!

Out of stock

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Origene Bakery & Vive Snacks are creating delicious snacks using Fair trade Sunria organic Cashew Nuts, supporting cashew nuts produced in Java, Indonesia.

The cashew nuts grown in Wonogiri are very popular for the sweetness and creaminess due to the fertile soil nurture by the surrounded by mountains.

Not only does it has good aroma, the Sunria Cashew Nuts provide important nutrient such as good fats and protein source, making it ideal for healthy snacks and cookies.


65% Dark Chocolate* (Cocoa Mass* Cocoa Butter* & Cane Sugar*), Sunria Cashew Nut*, Sonnentor Flower Power Blossom spice* (beet sugar*, rose petals*, marigold flowers*, cinnamon*, cloves*, sunflower blossom*, vanilla extract*, ginger*, cornflower*) and sea salt *Ingredients from organic farming.


Keep in cool dry place, away from sunlight. 12 months shelf life.