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Vive Raw Cacao Nibs, 100g

Vive Snack


Vive Snack's cacao nibs have a rich and intense rich chocolate taste. Natural cacao taste is actually bitter, so you may need some time to get used to the flavour. The texture is crunchy, perfect if you love a little crispy and crumbly taste.

Our cacao nibs come from our own cacao trees planted in Banting, Selangor, and goes through light fermentation, sun-drying, light roasting, de-shelling and cracking process. The nutrients are retained due to the light processing of the beans.

RAW CACAO NIBS are perfect if you love to enjoy the naturally bitter and decadent, nutty taste of chocolate, as it is.

Out of stock

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• 100% pure, raw cacao nibs
• 100% natural
• Antioxidants
• Rich in iron and zinc
• Magnesium and Nitrogen Booster


Raw cacao nibs

Shelf Life

1 Year/ 年


• 100% 純可可粒
• 100% 天然
• 抗氧化劑
• 富含鐵和鋅
• 鎂和氮助推器


• 加入麥片、麥片或酸奶以獲得美味的鬆脆口感
• 添加到沙拉
• 添加到餅乾、鬆餅和糕點等烘焙食品中
• 撒上甜點配料,如冰淇淋
• 混合成冰沙或果汁



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