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Voelkel Guava Aloe Vera, 700ml



Voelkel Guava & Aloe Vera Juice is a delicious blend for dietary fibre, antioxidants and Vitamin C. Aloe Vera makes this juice very soothing for the digestive system, while pink guava provides good source of Vitamin C.

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What makes us different?

Freshness Preserved

They are pasteurized by a special heating process whereby the juice is heated quickly to 60 – 85°C and immediately cooled. Besides killing off harmful bacteria, this process also preserves vitamins and nutrients that would otherwise be lost in conventional pasteurization.


No Juice Concentrate

Made purely from cold-pressed juice without concentrate, added water or sugar. This ensures that every drop of juice gives you a fresh and all-natural taste of the orange within.



Fruits that are fully ripened under the sun are the sweetest and contains the fullest amount of nutrients and flavours. Only sun-ripened fruits are harvested.


Freshly Squeezed

They are pressed directly after harvesting, preserving the highest level of freshness and nutrients.


Pioneer in Europe

Produced in Germany with over 80 years and four generations worth of tradition, Voelkel is one of Europe’s leading brands of organic juice.


Community & Green Initiatives

Voelkel supports local orchard cultivation by prioritizing fair trade and establishing long-term, personal relationships with their fruit and vegetable growers. Their crops are grown without genetic engineering while juices are produced using electricity from renewable energy sources.



  • Certified organic.
  • No added sugar, synthetic preservatives and colouring.
  • Direct pressed from 100% certified biodynamic ingredients.
  • Pasteurized
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