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why not?™ Fibre Meal is a source of quality fibre, rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre. Consume this twice a day between meals will help us meet approximately 50% of our daily fibre requirement.


*Malaysia Dietary Guideline: 20 – 30g  dietary fibre/day (2005)

European Food Information Council: >25g dietary fibre/day (2011)

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Have you taken your 4kg of fruits and veggies today?

We need approximately 20 to 30g of dietary fibre daily, that is equivalent to 3 to 4kg of fruits and vegetables. This minimum fibre intake requirement is however hard to meet especially with our dietary habits nowadays. Therefore, it is good to complement your fibre intake with quality wholesome fibre.

Dietary fibre enhance the growth of friendly bacteria which help to break down food into smaller particles, making it more easily absorbable. These good bacteria contribute to a healthy intestinal tract which prohibits the growth of bad bacteria that produce toxins. With the help of the fibre and friendly bacteria, the food can move more quickly in our intestinal tract. This helps decrease the risk of constipation.

Dietary fibre contains no calories, but you will still feel full because of its water-absorbing ability. Hence, naturally reducing the intake of other foods. People who consume sufficient fibres in the long run can help in maintaining their ideal weight. This may lead to a better health.

A clean and uncongested bowel is essential for cleaner blood and healthier blood circulation. This will reflect a glowing skin, healthy complexion, toned body contour and vitality.

Why Not?™ Fibre Meal is rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre, and antioxidants. Daily consumption of Why Not?™ Fibre Meal twice a day provides us with approximately 50% of our daily fibre requirement.


*Malaysia Dietary Guideline: 20 – 30g  dietary fibre/day (2005)

European Food Information Council: >25g dietary fibre/day (2011)




Organic Flax Meal (Why Not?™, Product of New Zealand)

  • Premium seeds – The organic flaxseeds are cultivated in the Canterbury Plains, situated at New Zealand’s South Island, which has the unique soil and climate combination excellent for the growing of oil seeds.
  • Optimum freshness and nutritional content – The processing temperature is monitored closely below 40°C during the seed pressing process, and without exposure to UV light. This stringent quality control ensures the optimum freshness and nutrients are preserved.


Organic Prune Puree (Why Not?™, Product of France)

  • Premium prunes – Made of the world’s highly prized Agen Prunes, organically grown in South West of France. South West of France is gifted with the perfect climate for producing premium quality prunes with unparalleled rich flavour.
  • Raw and wholesome – The prunes are minimally processed at low temperature to ensure the wholesome nutrients of the prunes are well preserved.




  • 1 pack of Organic Flax Meal, Why Not?™
  • 1 bottle of Organic Prune Puree, Why Not?™


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Usage Instruction

Add 1 tablespoon of flax meal and 1 tablespoon to prune puree to a cup of water (250ml). Take twice daily in between meals.

For better results: You may replace ½ cup of water with ½ cup of juice (why not?™ Demeter Apple Juice or why not?™ Organic Guava Aloe Vera Juice)

Important: Drink at least 2 liters of water daily for optimum result.


Fibre supplement


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