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    Why Not?® Organic Manuka Honey 15+, 250g

    Why Not?®


    Where on Earth can you find better honey?

    Our manuka honey is crafted from the pristine Southern Alps of New Zealand, a breathtaking landscape of mountains and plains. At times, you can even see whales and dolphins swimming around. This area has lower temperatures and is covered in snow during winter, hence only the strongest plants will survive. That’s what gives Why Not?® Manuka Honey its natural purity, richer flavour and most importantly, its stronger healing properties. Manuka Honey is renowned for its powerful antibacterial strength to relieve sore throat, cough, wounds and stomach ulcers.

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    What Makes Us Different?

    From Native and Pristine Habitats
    Gathered from native Manuka flowers at the remote Southern Alps of New Zealand. Rich, smooth textures and an authentic flavour capture the essence of this pristine, wild habitat. One can even still catch glimpses of whales and dolphins swimming in the seas around it!


    High Total Manuka Activity, 15+

    Equivalent to MGO 500 and above. Lab-tested and proven to have unique antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. High total Manuka activity of 15+ also provides faster recovery rates than conventional honey.


    Unheated & Unpasteurised
    Treated with heat no higher than 40°C in order to preserve the rich amounts of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, pollen and propolis within the Manuka honey.


    No fine or pressure filtration is used on the Manuka honey, thus retaining valuable bee pollen and propolis rich in minerals and enzymes.


    Ethically Harvested
    Sufficient honey and pollen are left for the bees to survive the winter. The manuka honey is also carefully and sustainably harvested without harming the honey bees.


    Original Packing
    Why Not?® Manuka honey is freshly packed at a certified organic packing facility in New Zealand.



    • Certified organic
    • Unheated
    • Unpasteurised
    • High Manuka Activity
    • Ethically and sustainably harvested
    • Packed in New Zealand
    • No preservatives
    • No colorants
    • No additives


    Researchers have found that Manuka honey has strong antimicrobial properties against a wide range of pathogens. It was even noted that they have not found any bacteria that is resistant to Manuka honey.

    • Heals and reduces microbial infections.
    • Taken daily to boost immune system.
    • Relieves flu-like symptoms: fever, sore throat, cough, running nose, sneezing and shortness of breath.
    • Provides energy.
    • Heals wounds (cuts, burns, swollen, infections).
    • Improves digestion.
    • Soothes stomach ulcers, acid reflux and heartburn.
    • Reduce inflammation and irritation of acne.
    • Stops diarrhea naturally.

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    Weight0.54 kg
    Country of Origin

    New Zealand


    Certified organic Manuka honey

    How to Use

    Sore throat: Take 1 teaspoon neat. Do not consume any fluid or food within 30 minutes. 

    Stomach ulcer. Try spread 1 teaspoon of manuka honey on a piece of bread or take it neat.

    Wound application: Clean affected area, apply why not? Manuka Honey on the gauze, clean thoroughly and reapply as necessary.


    Store in a cool dry place.


    Not to be taken by infants below 1 year old.

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