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Why Not?® Organic Joyous Fu Dai 《喜乐》有机药材福袋

Why Not?®


Organic Chinese Herbs Hamper



  • 枸杞 Solomon’s Seal (Yu Zhu), 100g
  • 当归 Angelica Root, 80g
  • 人参补气汤 Ginseng Herbal Soup Mix, 68g
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超过40年药材筛选经验 1979 年创办,三代家族传承

  • 严选地道,顺应地质及气候优势栽种
  • 有机认证及公平野生认证
  • 永续采收,可追溯原产地
  • 经严格安全性及药效测试
  • 100% 纯正无参杂
  • 无漂白,染色或熏硫
  • 不含重金属,二氧化硫或黄曲霉毒素
  • 绝不为求卖相而不当加工

Authentic Chinese herbs for a real boost of ‘Qi’

Curated by master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with 40 years of experience

  • Geo-authentic
  • Certified organic & wild harvest (FairWild)
  • Harvested sustainably & 100% traceable
  • Undergo rigorous safety & potency testing
  • 100% pure & unadulterated
  • No sulphur bleaching fumigation or colourings
  • No heavy metals, sulphur dioxide or aflatoxin
  • Nothing artificial!

                                                承继了第一代中医老师傅精髓,浓缩多年累计的经验和智慧,包括有机药材的种植方式,栽种及采收时节和方法,加工处理及储存方式,每一个程序都决定了药材的品质。我们坚持从产地到餐桌,完整的保留药材中最高疗效。 没错,选药材一定要清楚葫芦里卖的是什么药,这点很重要! Revitalizing organic and wildcrafted chinese herbs, carefully selected for its geo-authentic qualities, from cultivation, harvesting, processing and storing. Every process makes a difference on the characteristics and potency of the herbs. Why Not? herbs are tested for its efficacy and purity by master herbalists with over 40 years expertise dedicated to curating only authentic herbs that truly heal.


Organic Wellness Fu Dai

Organic Chinese Herbs Hamper



枸杞 Goji Berry, 100g 菊花 Chrysanthermum, 30g 黄芪五加参汤Siberian Ginseng Elixir, 79g

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枸杞 Solomon’s Seal (Yu Zhu), 100g 当归 Angelica Root, 80g 人参补气汤 Ginseng Herbal Soup Mix, 68g


Keep refrigerated.