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Why Not?® Ren Shen Herbal Soup Mix 有机人参补气汤, 68g

Why Not?®


Strongly tonifies the Yuan (primal) Qi & Energy

Qi, Stamina, Life force & Vitality – Special for him

Why Not?® Ren Shen Herbal Soup Mix is used for patterns of yuan qi deficiency. Yuan qi is the essence to life and can be transformed into other forms of qi and jing.

They are also the force that motivates the functional activity of the internal organs and is the foundation of vitality. They are particularly beneficial to the spleen, heart and lungs.

Qi, stamina, life force and vitality is especially important for man, or anyone that wants to strengthen these areas.

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What Makes Us Different

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Looking for authentic Chinese herbs?

We keep it real:

    • Certified organic and FairWild
    • Geo-authentic (Di Dao)
    • 100% pure and unadulterated
    • Harvested sustainably and 100% traceable
    • Undergo rigorous safety and potency testing
    • No sulphur bleaching or fumigation
    • No heavy metals, sulphur dioxide, aflatoxin, etc
    • Nothing artificial!


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Curated by TCM experts, with 40 years of experience

Healers first, business second. Choosing real herbs that go beyond looks since 1979.


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Geo-authenticity (Di Dao)

Growing herbs where they grow best. 100% traceable to source.


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No sulphur fumigation, for real

Truly unsulphured and unbleached. Chemical preservatives not allowed!


Why Not? Chinese Herbs Testing

Rigorous testing, consistent results

Our herbs are tested for its purity and potency, being screened for almost 200 pesticides and heavy metals.


Also tested for quality in terms of cut size, colour and moisture content. Certified organic by CCOF and USDA, partially certified FairWild.


Chinese herbal soup

Herbal soup mixes for him, her and the family

Formulated by our TCM practitioner to meet the needs of modern lifestyles. For ladies, they tonify the Qi. For families, they give a boost to the immune system and energy.


Why Not TCM logo fridge display

Bottlegourd – symbol for healers and good health

Traditionally used in ancient times by Chinese physicians to store medicinal herbs. It also signifies our strict requirements in selecting real herbs.



  1. Boost energy and stamina
  • Constant tired, shortness of breath, cold limbs
  1. General wellbeing and longevity
  • Boosts the qi and life force making our body function better leading to vitality
  1. Boost brain function
  • Memory, performance and mood
  • Protect brain against damage
  1. Boost immune system
  • Boost immune non-specific and cell-mediated immunity
  1. Anti-inflammation
  • Reduce inflammation markers
  1. Diabetes
  • Increase insulin production
  • Reduce damage to pancreas
  1. Heart protection
  • Reduce stress-induced cell death of the heart
  1. Boost recovery
  • Improves recovery from illness
  1. Anti-tumour
  • Reduce the dividing of tumour cells
  1. Improve erectile dysfunction
  • Enhancing blood flow to penis

Ginseng (White)*, red dates*, Chinese yam*, Codonopsis*, Solomon’s seal*, goji* 老人参(白)*,红枣*,山药*,党参*, 玉竹*,枸杞* *Ingredients from certified organic farming

How to Cook

1. Add the soup mix contents and your favourite ingredients to 1500ml of water in pot. 2. Bring to boil and then lower heat and simmer for 1½ hours. If using slow cooker or double boiler, add everything with just 1000ml of water. 3. Cook for 3 to 4 hours. Add salt to taste.


Tightly seal and keep refrigerated to maintain the freshness.