Why Not? Wheatgerm Oil 100ml, (non GMO)

Why Not?


Forget about all the synthetic vitamin E pills. Your body can only absorb vitamin E effectively in its wholesome form. why not? Wheatgerm Oil is naturally potent vitamin E. It is essential for everyone in your family! Excellent for skin, pregnancy and protects our cells from free radical damage.

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Wheatgerm oil is the richest food sources of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant to prevent our body from oxidation caused by free radicals. Damage to our cells from free radicals results in ageing and diseases related to heart, brain, hormone, immune and reproductive system. Synthetic Vitamin E cost much lesser, but has significantly less activity, or potency. Our body can only utilise vitamin E effectively in its wholesome form.


Product Highlight

No more synthetic vitamin E!



  • First cold pressed from non GMO wheatgerm
  • No synthetic residues: No alcohol extraction, no chemicals added.
  • 100% unrefined, unadulterated, not deodorized
  • Full potency: retaining natural nutrients and healing properties.



Wheatgerm oil


Country of Origin

New Zealand

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Contains strong antioxidants which protect cells from free-radicals and toxic heavy metals damages that often cause aging, diseases such as heart diseases, strokes, cancer, nerves damages, poor vision and memory.  
Excellent skin moisturizer to maintain skin elasticity, prevent stretch mark and reduce wrinkles and scarring. 
Aids in fat digestion, enhances stubborn fat burning activity. 

Usage Instruction

Suggested Serving

Adult: 1 teaspoon a day, preferably after meal. 
Infant (0 – 12 months): 1/4 teaspoon, preferably after meal or add into milk. 
Children (1 year above): 1/2 teaspoon, preferably after meal. 
For external application: Neat or mix with essential oils and apply onto skin for its healing effects and to moisturize skin.

Storage Instructions

Keep in cool dry place; avoid direct sunlight and heat. 
Please refrigerate after opening to ensure oil??s potency and purity at its highest level.

To prevent overdose, do not consume more than 400IU vitamin E in a day, which is equivalent to 7 teaspoon of why not? Wheatgerm oil. 1 teaspoon of why not? Wheatgerm oil supplied 7IU of vitamin E, equivalent to 70% of daily recommendation. 

Peninsular Malaysia: within 5 working days; Sabah & Sarawak: within 7 working days.

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