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Wonder Wilderfarm Organic Lengkuas Powder, 16g

Wonder Wilderfarm


The last produce from Wonder Wilderfarm – Pandan & Lengkuas powder.

Can be used as marinades onto protein food such as tofu, tempeh. Can be used in cooking and soup base.

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The last produce from Wonder Wilderfarm – Pandan & Lengkuas powder.

Wonder Wilderfarm was located at Relau Agrotourism, Penang. Established in 2013 by farmer Meishy and Alicia, hoping to promote sustainable agriculture, education and lifestyle in biodynamic way.

In September 2021, Wonder Wilderfarm was forced to move out from the agrotourism areas. 8 years of tears, sweat, soil maintenance and precious ecosystem was destroyed without warning.

These tiny glass bottles filled with organically grown soft green pandan and peachy pastel lengkuas powder were produced with love from the community to Wonder Wilderfarm.

With the help of Wonder Wilderfarm supporters, they came together to clean the precious land, recycled and had sold functional things, saved the crops which were not damaged.

During this, they found lengkuas and pandan plants and suggested to make them into powder. Alicia acknowledged the Wonder Wilderfarm pandan and lengkuas powder are the from everyone who has helped her go through the sudden change.

Although Wonder Wilderfarm is no longer there, Alicia dreams never changed, and she will forever stay as the land protector. She has dream in returning a piece of land to the earth. She is now planning to educate the next generation to see the earth as the priority in everything they do.

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Rich in antioxidant and has anti inflammatory properties, may help with joint pain and stiffness, may protect from infection.


Keep in cool, dry place. You may keep refrigerated for freshness.

Shelf life

12 months