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What skin type are you?

Why use vegetable oils?

Vegetable oils have always been part of our household essentials many years ago since we started practicing an organic and holistic lifestyle. You will find oils such as calendula and St. John’ Wort ready for rainy days in our cabinets especially when we have babies or little kids at home. You never know when you need them for a quick solution against minor injuries or sensitives. Many people know vegetable oils for their skin care benefits, but to us, vegetable oils are really versatile and can heal not just the skin, but the body!

For example, we always use St. John’s wort for bruises and sprains, Arnica oil for sore muscles or body aches. People that practice Ayurvedic remedies use cold pressed sesame oils for ear infection and all sorts of treatments. Vegetable oils such as castor oil also help strengthen the hair and lashes, keeping them luscious and shinny.

Yes of course vegetable oils will work wonders on the skin too, especially for people with dry, dull and damaged skin. This is because oils can help lock moisture in the skin and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. They are especially attractive to people that do not like to put too much on their skin, or are sensitive to many skin care ingredients. As vegetable oils are 100% pure without any additives, you know that they are relatively safe.

Going hand in hand with essential oils, vegetable oils are good carrier and base oils to dilute essential oils with. Not only does the dilution help carry the essential oils into the skin, but also introduces essential oils in a smaller and safer dose for a longer period of time.

The wonders of Florame Carrot macerated oil:

Last month, we had a great experience with Florame’s carrot macerated oil where it healed one of our team whom has been suffering from “housewives hands”. It is a common skin issue for many people where the skin is irritated, starts to peel and pain upon touch whenever they start doing certain house chores such as washing the dishes. After applying the oil for about a week, the irritation and blisters reduced significantly and started to heal. She told us that her skin started to peel for the first few days upon application, but it is somewhat as though her skin is renewing itself, simply amazing!

Discover the healing power behind every vegetable oil:

Why Florame vegetable oils?

1.Certified organic

Only uncontaminated plants can fully retain their complete therapeutic properties:

  • 100% pure
  • no preservatives
  • no additives
  • no adulteration
  • no synthetic fragrances

2. Geo-authentic

Plants are sourced from origins where they grow best.

3. First cold pressed or macerated

Pressed at low temperatures to obtain optimum healing properties:

  • temperature between 37°C to 40°C
  • lower yield but higher potency
Maceration is an extraction method where parts of a dried medicinal plant (flowers, flower heads, roots, etc.) are infused in a jar with vegetable oil as a carrier (olive VO, sunflower VO, etc are often used) in this process. The jar is left under the sun for 4-6 weeks to absorb the solar energy and also promote the infusion. Healing properties comes from the plant’s properties.
Vitamin E is sometimes added to stop the macerated oil from deteriorating.

Florame Macerated OilsFlorame Macerated Oils

4. Certified Fair Trade

Fair For Life: argan, hazelnut, castor & sesame oil.


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