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Our Values

How organic are we?

From farm visits, site visits to in house technical evaluations, we decide what’s organic and what’s not!

Despite having organic certifications, we are committed to provide only organic products with the highest qualities that meet our standards.

Studying the ingredients, harvesting, processing, packaging to company values, we promise that we are as organic as we can be!

Organic with surprises!

Not all organic products are made equally. We seek to procure only authentic organic and biodynamic products that goes beyond the certifications and labels, from seeds to shelves.



Biodynamic can heal the Earth.
It is the highest organic standards, going beyond organic, biodynamic integrates the principles of astrological cycle of the moon, sun and planets in the planting and harvesting process. It achieves a harmonic rhythm between the farmer, animals and the land.


For the past 100 years, Emile Noel has been pressing organic oils using traditional endless screw-pressing methods. It respects the oils by giving it time to slowly release its precious oils with the highest qualities and aroma.


Let food heal. Botanical remedies instead of medicines. Inspired by nature’s wisdom, Naturvital Florian botanical beverages are formulated using plant remedies with the inspiration from ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic, chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine.

Local & artisanal

Local food travels less. They come to us fresher, tastier and more nutritious. Eating local brings us back in connection to the seasons of our homeland, and our ancestors wisdom on sustainable diet.

Over the years, we have procured over 30 local organic farmers and artisanal producers that are passionate in what they are doing with Earth-friendly elements in their products.

Earth friendly diet

Most people care deeply about the environmental changes such as climate change, disappearing rainforests or wildlife but have never thought that diet could be part of the reason. We are proud to be vegetarian, dairy free and animal friendly.

Supporting community building

We take pride in our products that support community building in all across the world. Imagine everytime you purchase a pack of organically grown rice, you are supporting the community and families in rural areas to provide better living standards and job opportunities.


Partnering with small organic farmers all around the world, Sonnentor spreads joy through direct and fair trade. Revitalizing rural areas in different parts of the world and creating job opportunities.


In the west java region in Indonesia, Sunria creates a better community through empowering the local farmers to practice organic farming and assisting them in obtaining the organic certificate. That way the farmers can breakaway from the poverty cycle by being manipulated by the middlemen.


Behind every bottle of organic cold pressed sesame oil, you are supporting the community in Mali to provide them better living standards, healthcare, education and job opportunities.


Collaborating with justlife, Langit Collective creates a bridge in between the rural communities in East Malaysia and urban cities for fair trade grains while promoting the importance and values for organic farming to our local farmers.


Renewable energy.
Plastic free.
CO2 neutral.



From raw materials, manufacturing to waste removal, Sodasan is committed to operate only on green renewable energy. Being a carbon-neutral company, they are financing the reforestation of forests through every product sold.


Realising how much waste is produced through menstrual pads every year, Susie Hewson set herself on a journey to create feminine products that are not only safe for ladies, but also for the environment. Natracare is now made using 100% organic cotton and is completely biodegradable and compostable. Leaving no traces behind during every menstrual period!


Looks like plastic, but it’s completely biodegradable and compostable! Sonnentor herbs, spices and tea are hand packaged in clear plant cellulose biofilms which resembles plastic packaging but is not. Packaging is one of the factors that produce most waste to the environment, Sonnentor sets out to see a stop to that.