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Langit Layo Dried Ginger Slices, 70g



Langit Layo’s sun dried ginger is grown in the forested highlands of Kampung Bunga Raya.

By planting them naturally in the wild and with no pesticides allowed, this encourages them to grow into quality and crispy ginger.



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What Makes Us Different

Grown in the Clouds

Langit farmer looking for ginger in the jungle

Langit Layo ginger is grown in Kampung Bunga Raya, which is located approximately 30 minutes drive away from Keningau, the fifth largest town in Sabah.

The village is located on a highland covered in luscious mountainous forests, making it a prime location for growing ginger.

Layo, Wholly Natural

Yulian and Marini giving thumbs up to their Langit ginger

Most family-run ginger farms in the village have resorted to using chemical fertilisers in order to satisfy wholesalers’ demands for physically attractive ginger.

However, at the Layo (‘ginger’ in Dusun) farm, Dusun farmers Yulian and Mariani are determined to produce good quality ginger without use of chemical fertilizer. Although this means less yield, they feel it is worth it to protect the land while delivering quality ginger.

By supporting responsibly farmed produce, smallholder farmers like Yulian and Mariani will be able to expand their farm and provide more for their family!

Planting Wild Treasures

langit ginger farmer inspecting plant

Every season, Yulian and Mariani select ginger rhizomes or stems with growth buds and leave them underground in forested land.

This is because ginger thrives in sheltered spots with rich, moist soil; thus this natural farming practice by the farmers creates a ripe condition for it to grow.

After that, it takes up to a year for these wildly grown ginger to mature before they can be harvested for consumption.

When the ginger is fully grown, it takes a lot of guessing where the matured roots would be at. So much so that the harvest is almost like finding jewels in the ground!

Sun-Dried Goodness

Yulian and Marini showing how they dry Langit ginger

After harvesting and cleaning, Layo will slice and sun dry the ginger to a crisp. The end result is a Layo ginger with medium heat with earthy notes.

Sun drying is one of the most natural method that encourages the retention of beta-carotene and vitamin C content in the ginger, which encourage the body’s anti-inflammatory response.

Did you know? It takes more than 500g of fresh ginger to make one packet of Langit Layo Dried Ginger!


langit layo ginger dried

  • Organically grown
  • No pesticides, chemicals & preservatives
  • Limited produce
  • Locally grown – Keningau, Sabah
  • Medium heat with earthy notes aroma
  • Highland ginger, isolated from pollution
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 15 cm
How to Use

Steep few slices in boiling water to make or use it in your cooking.


Store at cool, dry place in tight fitting lids, away from heat and sunlight.